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Found the “accomplice” of blood fat disease, so eat less for a healthy body-Life Health

Tuesday, April 12, 2022 01:00 AM (GMT+7)

To keep the blood vessels circulating well, you should avoid increasing blood lipid levels. Many people have the wrong diet that will adversely affect their health.

If the food is high in calories, it will easily cause the serum cholesterol and triglyceride levels to exceed the standard. Regularly eating a large amount of these foods will affect health after the indicators are not controlled, leading to high blood fat in the long run. They will lead to dangerous diseases such as myocardial infarction, cerebral infarction, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the foods that are harmful to health and have the ability to increase blood fat to stay away.

1. Foods rich in cholesterol

If you want to regulate blood fat, you should eat less cholesterol-rich foods in your diet. Many people like to eat animal organs and egg yolks, which are rich in cholesterol. Although cholesterol can provide nutrition for the human body, if it is too much, it will make the blood in a sticky state, slow flow rate, easy to cause thrombosis in the walls of blood vessels, blood vessels in some parts. narrow, causing obstruction, local circulatory disorders, adverse health effects.

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2. Foods high in sugar

During food processing, do not add too much white sugar. Sweet foods contain a lot of fructose and glucose, after being tolerated in the body, in addition to fluctuating blood sugar, fats will accumulate, making the body prone to obesity. When you are obese, many body parameters will change accordingly.

To regulate blood fat, you need to control your daily sugar intake, keep your indicators stable by eating less sweets, and control your weight. Many people do not pay attention to this problem, eat too many sweets, do not control their intake, the blood is easy to stick, causing circulatory disorders.

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3. Fried food

To regulate blood fat, it is necessary to avoid fried foods. Food after frying at high temperature will have a high calorie content, high in fat, increasing pressure on the digestive system, causing indigestion, affecting brain and blood vessel function.

In addition, to regulate blood lipids, we should stay away from tobacco and alcohol, reduce exposure to harmful substances, and exercise reasonably to promote calorie consumption.

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