Wife caught her husband having an affair at the place where the Covid-19 vaccine was administered

There must be nowhere to meet the husband, who immediately chose the Covid-19 vaccination site to date his mistress.

The incident happened recently in Bayeux, Paraíba state, northeastern Brazil. The wife wanted to go with her husband to get the Covid-19 vaccine, but the husband used the excuse that he was so busy that he couldn’t go. So, the wife had to invite a sister to go with her.

Arriving there, she witnessed with her own eyes her husband and mistress cuddling in broad daylight, Emtempo reported.

The wife broke into jealousy at the vaccination site

Found out her husband lied and adultery, the wife could not contain her anger and stormed into jealousy. Seeing his mistress being attacked, the husband ran to his body to prevent it.

However, this “13th animal” also did not stand still and suffered the battle, but turned to attack back. She grabbed the chair and threw it at her wife.

In a clip that is going viral on Twitter, a wife wearing a blue T-shirt jumps in to attack her husband’s mistress in a black shirt.

Without respecting anything, the wife rushed to beat the “third person”, but she was constantly stopped by her husband, he even slapped his wife hard in the face, causing her to fall to the ground.

On the other hand, the “third person” is also not a medium. She also did not hesitate to pick up another chair and deliberately throw it into the “main room”. The husband also aggressively picked up another chair, intending to attack his wife and her relatives. However, the wife caught the mistress and the two started fighting with each other.

The “third person” fiercely fought back without feeling humiliation or shame.

The doctors and nurses at the vaccination center were shocked and confused, not knowing what to do in this funny situation. No one around there dared to come near to intervene or advise. This jealousy incident also caused the above vaccination site to be closed for 15 minutes.

Wife caught her husband having an affair at the place where the Covid-19 vaccine was administered

After posting, the clip quickly went viral on Twitter and attracted millions of views and thousands of comments. Most netizens felt discontent on behalf of the wife and criticized the husband’s actions when he could not be stopped but also assaulted his wife.

As soon as it was posted, the clip caused a strong stir among netizens. The majority expressed sympathy for the wife’s mood, but it is unacceptable to upset the order of the public health area.

Some comments from netizens.

“It’s a surprise. Just getting vaccinated and seeing ‘small tam’. What wife can stand it.”

“Knowing that her husband’s adultery is difficult to accept, but the wife did not do so, the four of them caused a commotion at the vaccination center, affecting a lot of people.”

“She’s really terrible, holding a chair to beat the main room. I have never seen a lover that is so terrible.”

Why do men cheat?

Psychological researchers have come up with specific explanations that lead a person to decide to look for a ‘new taste’ for love life.

Robert Weiss, the author of many books on marriage research, pointed out a fact: Many married men, despite having happy families, still have affairs.

His research shows that sometimes men cheat not because they are not satisfied with their current marriage. Simply, they cheat just because they allow themselves to do so.

Although the act of adultery, in the eyes of society, is condemnable, for men, it has little to do with their love and concern for their family.

Robert Weiss emphasized: “Men think: Yes, I am having an affair, but I still do my job well with my family, I am still a good father and husband. The only thing these men don’t understand is that their wives won’t. think like them”.

Robert’s conclusions show that adulterers underestimate the impact their behavior has on their partners.

Wife caught her husband having an affair at the place where the Covid-19-2 vaccine was administered

Therapist marriage and family Daniel Dashnaw pointed out in an article in Couples Therapy, citing “damage to honor” as one of the main reasons married men cheat. This is associated with a number of inferiority complexes that a man has when he is with his partner, including low self-esteem (in terms of appearance, in economics)…

The therapist points out that what a man needs in love and marriage is a feeling of being worshipped, which is an undeniable “gender-specific” emotion. But in the reality of marriage, if what he gets in return is not that emotion.

This can cause negative emotions, leading to the decision to look for another woman, in order to get the feeling of being worshipped.

In this case, the man just instinctively possessed her, like possessing a favorite toy.

According to Giadinh

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