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“Flip” as fast as a fan, imagine and praise the beautiful female streamer’s appearance, criticize as soon as she shows up

Lady Gao Lien, female streamer famous with hundreds of thousands of followers even though he has never appeared on the air. Every time she appears, she uses a cartoon to cover her face. All that makes her heart-stopping fans is her voice. In particular, when she sings, her feminine and warm voice makes men want to be protected, making viewers more expectant about her beauty, even many people are sure that this is a woman. beautiful person.

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After a while of broadcasting with too many requests to reveal her face, Cao Lien finally released a selfie and a short video supported by filter classes. The image of a beautiful girl, approximately 20 years old, innocent and pure was spread, and the female streamer once again attracted a large number of male fans who also flocked to the stream channel.

However, the words of love or donations for this girl were gone because recently, during a joint broadcast, interacting with other streamers, Cao Lien had a big problem. An error on the screen suddenly occurred causing the character painting to cover the face to disappear. On the screen, a middle-aged woman, showing signs of aging and pale, looks very different from the selfies fans have seen. Although she tried to correct that it was not her, she could not convince the fans with weak arguments.

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The anger of the fans is increasing when the community thinks that she has deceived viewers. They constantly use the hashtag: “The female streamer revealed her old face due to a broadcast error” with articles of criticism.

There are many opinions that streamer Cao Lien tricked viewers to receive donations is wrong, but there are also opposite reactions, pointing out that the fans are the first to think about appearance, self imagine beauty and pressure her to be beautiful.

After the incident, the female streamer has not returned to broadcast while the “blame” debate is still attracting attention. co-nang-lo-dien-20220413090722681.chn

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