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Passionate about “anti” close friends, Xemesis fell into a trap and joined the “fake group” of crooks

If talking about “passion” against close friends, there is no one like Xemesis. The time when the scandal of Virus With Binh Gold, social networks constantly appear closed groups anti-members of the Four Emperors. Most of the members were annoyed and annoyed with the content that ViruSs made on YouTube, even the personality and image he built in the previous time.

In a short time, the anti-Virus group has attracted tens of thousands of members. In particular, very quickly, the Facebook account of Xemesis (Hieu Nghiem), known as a close friend of ViruSs, was also included in this list.

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Not only that, appearing in the anti-ViruSs closed group, the richest male streamer in Vietnam also posted a status threatening to knock down “someone’s” group. At first, many people thought that this was a virtual Facebook, posting content to “cause war”, but when verified, this is indeed a “auth auth” account of Xemesis. From the posted content, readers think that he is deliberately mocking his friend when inciting anti-fans to bring down the group of “who everyone knows who it is”.

Recently, once again surprised fans of the Four Emperors. Mango Non’s young master’s husband was very quick when he was present in the anti group Team Mixi. There, the male streamer was not afraid to post troll photos, even declaring war on his best friend.

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Not gloating for a long time, Xemesis had to post complaints immediately: “Posted on Mixi anti fan, approved in 2 minutes and permanently banned after 30 seconds”.

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However, many fans have realized the “wrong” point. Bringing the reputation of Do Mixi’s best friend, he actively went to “cà khà” the Patriarch, but Xemesis himself entered the wrong “fake” group set up by the crooks.

Before, Do Mixi surprised many people when he created his own anti group, he said this is a place for those who hate him to post. However, this also makes “fake” groups spring up like mushrooms after the rain. Although they are fake groups, they quickly attract tens of thousands of members to join. And Xemesis was also one of those confused people.

Passionate about
Passionate about

Group used by crooks.

The story of fake anti-fan groups is not new, even considered as “a common thing in the district”. When these groups have a high number of members, good interaction and stable operation, they will be sold by crooks. In particular, groups with a membership of 50,000 or more, the selling price will be very high.

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Many comments quickly realized what was “wrong”.

That being said, the community should pay attention, should learn information carefully, avoid the trap of taking advantage of famous people’s names for profit.

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