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The girl who was invited to the grand opening by her friend, sitting for less than 20 minutes, was “pushed” by a controversial 5 million bill “extremely tense” on social networks.

Recently, on social networks appeared a story that attracted everyone’s attention. Specifically, the girl was invited by a brother named VL to attend the opening of a new Japanese-style restaurant to contribute capital to open. She enthusiastically attended and invited all of you to support.

Arriving at the place, the group of young people was arranged by the owner to enter a private room that was introduced and a Japanese-style singing room. Here, the service staff introduced a 40% discount on all services in the shop, a group of young people “all hands” supported the owner of the champagne bottle with the price of 2.8 million VND.

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After sitting for less than 10 minutes, the owner’s girlfriend came up and brought 4 more cups of iced water to invite the youth group. “Again, his girlfriend called himself, but we didn’t call! After a while, you both sat down to drink with us, the bottle of Champagne we poured out was full to drink while we dared to sip our lips. Then we ordered the two brothers and sisters to drink half of the bottle of Champagne.”

Sitting for less than 20 minutes, the group of young people left and did not forget to tell the shop owner to send the bill with the account number for payment. However, when it came time to receive the payment, the girl “stumbled” before the extremely “expensive” prices of the group services they used.

Although not required to sit in a private room, the group of young people is still charged 300,000 VND per person. Champagne bottles are also not discounted 40% as the staff advised. Explaining this incident, the owner said that the restaurant only offers discounts for cocktails, not alcohol.

Notably, 4 glasses of filtered water that the group of friends was invited to drink cost 100,000 VND a glass.

“When I brought Bill to my friends, everyone went crazy because VL himself invited us to the grand opening. No wonder he urged us to see if we had arrived since 8 o’clock, there was no parking at the shop. I have to go somewhere else to send another 50k!

In my life, I have never seen a special opening invitation like this. If you do business, but invite you to the opening ceremony and give you a bill of 5 million, I would also like to say goodbye to you.”the girl shared.

In the end, the girl sent a text message announcing that she had cut off her friendship with the owner and never came to the shop again. However, she only received the reply “you and I will talk later” and then only saw the message but did not reply.

The article attracted the attention of netizens, many people even left angry comments about the attitude of the restaurant.

– 100k filtered water, filter brotherhood, filter you out of my friend list.

– Ugh, it’s not like it’s asking for money like that, it’s like luring it over to cut money. Taking advantage of acquaintances to cut anyone who suspects that this friend is straightforward. Cai-cuc-cang-tren-mang-sa-hoi-20220415211114105.chn

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