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A brilliant essay written by a 12th grade student about the work “Wife picked up” made the teacher hug her stomach and laugh

Literature is a subject in the field of language and literature education, studied from grade 1 to grade 12. At the elementary level, this subject is called Vietnamese, at the middle and high school level it is called Literature . Literature has a great role in helping students form and develop good qualities as well as core competencies to live and work effectively, for lifelong learning. This is an important and compulsory subject in the general education curriculum.

Unlike Math, Physics, and Chemistry subjects that need to remember formulas and express mainly in numbers, Literature is expressed in beautiful emotional sentences. However, there was one student who invented a “cool” opening that made everyone laugh.

The brilliant essay of the 12th graders about the work amp;#34;Wife picked upamp;#34;  make the teacher hug her stomach and laugh - 1

“Students’ heroic” essay. Photo: MX

Specifically, this article says “Among the types of wives: fiancée, newlyweds, fiancées, pre-married wives, my favorite is the pick-up wife, the work was composed by writer Kim Lan, set in the background terrible famine in 1945 to write stories”. It is known that this is an essay by a 12th grade student in Hanoi.

Sharing about this essay, Master Nguyen Tuyet Mai, teacher of Literature, An Thi High School, Hung Yen province commented: “This is a type of opening lesson that students are excited to share on social networks. association in recent times.

This type of opening is based on a pun using homonyms in daily life, excites the students because of the novelty compared to the familiar opening styles and creates funny and joyful laughter. . However, from the perspective of a teacher, I affirm that this way of opening this lesson will not be recognized and will not be scored. Because your essay is an argumentative text, it is necessary to adhere to the use of standard and scientific language, avoid including daily language in the lesson, even if it is only a guide to create attraction for students. posts.

According to Master Tuyet Mai, there are many ways for students to open their lesson creatively: it can be from a poem, a song, or a philosophical quote related to the issue to be discussed or can be. Open articles from a common topic. Students can also start the lesson from the most impressive detail in the work… It is important that their instruction is appropriate and logical to the requirements of the topic.

“In order to score high in the exam, students should carefully review the basic knowledge and skills of all 3 parts of reading comprehension, social discussion and literary discussion. Listen to the teachers’ sharing about skills, knowledge and score requirements set out by the Ministry of Education and Training in previous years’ answers.

When making a literary essay, students need to pay attention to determining the system of points and arguments for a coherent article. It is necessary to use standard, sophisticated language, rich in images and emotions,” said Ms. Tuyet Mai.

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