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Suddenly got 30 billion, my husband caused the whole family to fall into trouble

April 16, 2022 07:48 GMT+7

With the speed of spending money without ‘brake’ of my husband, I am afraid that my family will one day move out.

Thanks to the hard work of the couple, after 11 years of marriage, we have a beautiful house and a land of more than 1000 m2. For the past few years, my family life has been very peaceful and happy.

7 months ago, my family’s land was located near a big project, the price increased rapidly. Seizing the opportunity, we divided it into several parts and earned 30 billion.

For the first time in my life, my wife and I got a large amount of money, so we argued a lot. I told my husband to deposit it in the bank to earn interest, but the couple still went to work as before.

But my husband refused, he kept all that money to do big work. Her husband said that he would find a cheap piece of land and build a house for rent to do so. Unable to stop my husband’s will, I had to follow his calculations.

Since having a large amount of money, her husband quit the company and spent all day hanging out with a group of friends to discuss about land and house. The days when the husband got drunk more and more, there were days when he went out to drink until early in the morning and didn’t come home.

Her husband spends very generously, when he goes home to play, he gives money to everyone he meets, who is in difficulty, he gives more, at least a million, many millions. Meals at my grandparents’ house are all covered by my husband. Since having money, her husband has more brothers and friends. Earning money is hard, but my husband spends it so easily. I advised him a lot, but he didn’t listen to his wife.

I panicked when I found out that it’s been more than 3 months that my husband has spent 6 billion on eating and drinking. At this rate, the money from the sale of land will be completely spent by her husband. Again, I offered to keep the money, but my husband refused. Finally, I asked my husband to give my wife 5 billion to save, later to take care of my children to go to college. I had to cry and beg for all my saliva, the new husband gave 3 billion to his wife to keep.

I told my husband many lessons of people who suddenly became rich, but he didn’t listen. Let’s say life is so much, you have to know how to enjoy it if you have money.

The games made my husband’s mind bewildered, unable to control himself. How should I advise my husband to keep the rest of the money and let him continue his business?


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