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After 8 years of love, I got married after only a week of knowing

After a long-awaited love affair and failed promises, I struggled to ask my mother to let her get married right away.

A few days later, my mother found a match for me. I know him many years ago, he used to stand selling goods at the market near my house, I bought many times. I broke up with my lover, now I’m not as good as I am, so I’m not satisfied. Mother said he was gentle and obedient, so I agreed to meet him.

The first time I met him, he came to pick me up after work on a cold rainy afternoon in October. He is a lot different now, seems more educated, has a beautiful face, and is very gentle. But all night he just laughed and said: “You eat”, not even asking my name. Thinking he was indifferent, so I deleted the number at night, he texted and didn’t reply. A few days later, my ex-girlfriend knew that I was going to see my face, so I texted to ask, and got a few sentences full of blame and quarrel, so I hated it even more.

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That evening it rained heavily, although he didn’t want to, but he was used to telling me to wait at the company gate, I didn’t have the heart to refuse. Even though he took me to the movies, to eat, I constantly expressed dissatisfaction, he just smiled and said it was okay. Thinking back on it was just an excuse for me to vent all my sadness from that love on you. When I came back, I saw that his head was wet but still hurriedly took a raincoat and wiped the saddle for me first, I asked him if he wanted to marry me? Later that day we went to register our marriage and the wedding took place a week later.

Emotions in the first few days after marriage were quite chaotic, both joyful for revenge for the other love, and sorry for myself. Besides, I also feel sorry for my husband, even when he is close, I still don’t have many emotions. Normally, I dress up, I’m beautiful, I don’t seem to be bothered, I lie down in tears at night, he asked me, I just told him to be homesick. At that time, even though he didn’t say it, he probably knew everything, cooked rice and cleaned the house for me, took me out here and there, but I still couldn’t calm down.

After two months of marriage, my parents gave him a large amount of money. I was very surprised because then he sent it back to my account. He still rides a motorbike, the phone screen is cracked, the house he built before marrying me is not big, but he still doesn’t take money from his wife’s parents. I asked him if he didn’t need anything, partly blamed him for being honorable, not having to rely on his wife’s house. He said he still worked hard, had a little money, I just kept the money for sure. Later in life, he needed money, he would borrow me later, and the furniture he didn’t need was very beautiful because he lived a simple life. Since then, the disadvantage of marrying him has disappeared, instead I feel lucky and owe him a lot.

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Nearly three years of marriage, he is still gentle like that, never once spoke harshly to me, sometimes still giving me money and taking me to buy clothes and beauty. He’s also great, doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink, does this and that all the time. Thinking back, I used to pursue many things that weren’t worth it, and set goals for my man with many big criteria. But finding someone who gives me a sense of peace is the luckiest and happiest thing.


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