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Free vocational training for tourism workers

Tourism workers receive training support from many programs

After the country returned to the new normal, the tourism industry is recovering strongly. However, the industry is also facing great difficulties because labor shortage. To support employees, the Ministry of Finance recently issued Circular No. 12/2022 stipulating that tourism businesses and organizations will be supported with a part of the training, retraining and improvement funding. vocational skills level for workers.

Specifically, participants in vocational training courses for up to 3 months are supported according to the tuition fee rate and actual apprenticeship period, but not exceeding 4.5 million VND/person/training course.

Free vocational training for tourism workers

Free vocational training support for tourism and service workers. Photo: Hanoi Tourism College.

Participants in vocational training courses for more than 3 months are supported according to the actual tuition fee and apprenticeship period, but not exceeding 1.5 million VND/person/month (maximum support period is not more than 6 months). ). If the vocational training course has odd days that are not full months, then 14 days or less will be counted as 1/2 month and 15 days or more will be counted as 1 month.

In addition, tourism businesses and organizations are also supported to open training courses, fostering knowledge on state management, business administration and professional ethics for tourism workers.

Previously, in Decision 23, stipulating the implementation of a number of policies to support employees and employers facing difficulties due to the pandemic, it also stipulates financial support for vocational training and retraining for employees. motion.

Specifically, Article 10, Decision 23 stipulates the level, duration of support and payment method as follows:

The maximum level of financial support for training, retraining and improvement of vocational skills is 1.5 million VND/employee/month. The specific support level is calculated according to the actual study time of each profession or each course. In case the vocational training, retraining and improvement course has odd days that are not full months, it shall be calculated according to the principle: Less than 15 days is counted as 1/2 month, from full 15 days or more is counted as 01 month to determine the level of support.

For a training, retraining and improvement course in vocational skills with a cost higher than the level of support specified in this Clause, the excess part of the support level shall be paid by the employer.

The maximum period of support and decision-making is 6 months. Payment method: Direct payment to the employer according to the approved plan to support training, retraining and improvement of vocational skills.

Unlike Circular 22 of the Ministry of Finance, Decision 23 provides for broader support for all workers in all sectors of the economy, as long as there is a labor contract and social insurance contributions.

Tourism workers are not enthusiastic about training

Although there are quite strong policies to support employees and employers working in tourism businesses, in fact, attracting re-trained workers faces many difficulties.

The reason is because many businesses do not meet the conditions for support. There are businesses that respond, workers are not excited to participate, unless employees are trained right at the place where they work, learning by working style, and still receive a regular salary. Some other workers have moved to other jobs and now have no intention of returning to work.

Mr. Ta Huu Son – Hotel owner in Hai Tien beach (Thanh Hoa) said that although the hotel is short of workers, this hotel does not intend to register workers for the training course.


Due to the shortage of tourism and service workers, many workers are not interested in vocational training classes. Photo: Tour guide instructs tourists on how to make to he in Hoi An (Quang Nam) – Nguyet Ta

Mr. Son said: “In fact, it is now the peak tourist season. After a long time of freezing, now is the time for tourism to be restored. The number of tourists flocking to tourist facilities is very large, therefore the establishment cannot send staff to study. If so, the hotel may arrange it at a more appropriate time.”

According to Mr. Dao Trong Do – Director of Continuing Training Department (General Department of Vocational Education), businesses are still providing training. The program will continue until the end of June 2022. The program has just been implemented because the reality is that at the end of 2021, the epidemic is still complicated, businesses focus on paying orders, so they cannot train.

A representative of the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs said that the ministry is promoting the implementation and is expected to review the implementation of this Decision 23 in July.

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