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Shakira-Beauty diet plan and workout routine

Sunday, April 17, 2022 12:10 PM (GMT+7)

Shakira is a Colombian singer and dancer who is quite famous for her talent and youthful appearance despite her age.

Shakira was born in Barranquilla, Colombia on February 2, 1977. She currently resides in Barcelona, ​​Spain – where her boyfriend – footballer Gerard Pique is playing for the Barcelona club.

Sakira had an uneventful start to her career because the first two albums were not successful. Finally, the fourth album made her famous throughout Latin America and gradually covered the world. Shakiara has earned a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and holds the record for selling more than 125 million records worldwide.

She made a lot of money doing concerts after signing a 10-year, $300 million contract with concert company Live Nation in 2008. However, before doing that deal, She has received more than 150 million dollars from the tour.

Shakira's Diet Plan and Workout - 1

Singer Shakira was born in 1977.

Shakira training routine

Recently, Shakira’s personal trainer provided a lot of insight into what applies to her workout routine. Shakira is a very energetic person and loves everything she does. She likes to practice choreography every day even when she doesn’t have a performance schedule. In fact, Shakiara does a dance routine most of the day. She also does some combination exercises like Pilates, Ballet, strength training and even HIIT.

– Dancing routine: Shakira’s dance routine consists of a lot of extended dance moves with as little rest as possible. According to Shakira’s personal trainer, dancing a lot makes her feel great. When starting out, Shakira and her trainer often do a simple dance routine like Zumba to get in shape. That routine should go on for an hour to two hours.

Shakira's Diet Plan and Workout - 2

She is passionate about dancing.

HIIT Workout: Shakira does a 30-minute HIIT workout that includes lots of full-body workouts. Her trainer says this exercise changes with everything. Sometimes they do HIIT, sometimes Pilates, sometimes swimming and or just strength training. Some of Shakira’s HIIT workouts include Burpees; Squats; Lunges;… She does this movement for 30 seconds and rests for 30 seconds.

Strength training: Shakira loves strength training, so she decided to exercise 3 times a week to tone her body. She likes to focus on her upper body, lower body and abs for a few days.

Shakira's Diet Plan and Workout - 3

Shakira does a 30-minute HIIT workout that includes lots of full-body workouts.

Shakira’s Diet Plan

Shakira’s diet consists of eating lots of fresh foods, eliminating sugar and dairy products. She likes to consume organic food to maintain her health. Her diet plan makes that very clear. Most of the day, Shakira likes to eat fruits and vegetables and drink lots of water to keep her body hydrated and healthy.

Shakira’s breakfast usually starts with a smoothie made from high-protein berries. Then she ate more eggs and avocados; Lunch usually includes fish, vegetables, snacks, soup, salad. At dinner, Shakira continues to eat fish or changes to chicken nails, vegetables, …

The most popular questions for Shakira

– Does Shakira eat chocolate?

It may sound a bit difficult, but the pop star is addicted to chocolate. She regularly adds her favorite snacks to her diet.

According to Shakira, to effectively implement the rule of portion control, it’s important not to touch chocolate when you’re most hungry. Because, we all lose judgment on an empty stomach and tend to eat whole chocolate bars instead of a few pieces to satisfy hunger.

Shakira's Diet Plan and Workout - 4

Do not eat chocolate when you are hungry.

– How did Shakira lose weight?

She eats several small, fresh, healthy meals throughout the day and eliminates dairy and sugar.

– Does Shakira drink coffee?

Shakira does not drink coffee, smoke or drink alcohol.

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