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Guests are frustrated because the flight attendant serves dangerous food

BrotherBrodie was served cashews, walnuts and fruit topped with nuts by flight attendants, even though he was told he could die if he did.

Brodie Chapman, 19 years old, has just had a trip from London, England to Vancouver, Canada and used the service of British Airways. He called the experience with the firm bad and appalling.

“I am allergic to nuts. So I informed the flight attendant about my condition before takeoff. 15 minutes later, I was served a bag of cashews by the very flight attendant I spoke to earlier. “, Brodie said.

On the flight, the male passenger was served a piece of walnut cake for the second time. A few days later, on the return flight, Brodie was served fruit covered with nuts. He eats and has allergies. Fortunately, Brodie brought injections to combat anaphylaxis.

“It was horrible, I kept telling the crew about my condition, but they continued to serve all kinds. I was in tears because no one seemed to take my condition seriously. “, I said.

Brodie Chapman was not satisfied with the airline's service.  Photo: McLELLAN

Brodie Chapman was not satisfied with the airline’s service. Image: McLELLAN

Brodie, who lives in Southend, Essex, said he called the airline two days before the flight to let him know about the situation allergy mine. He also informed the flight attendants before boarding the plane all the way and back.

The UK’s leading airline said it was investigating the matter. “We have reached out to apologize and discuss with the customer to resolve the issue.”

In 2016, 15-year-old Natasha Ednan-Laperouse died on a British Airways flight after eating bread containing sesame seeds bought at the airport. Natasha is also allergic to nuts.

“Brodie’s story is a story about the world of people with allergies on planes, with uninformed flight attendants. When you’re stuck at ten thousand feet and go into anaphylaxis, that plane. maybe your coffin,” said Natasha’s mother, Tanya.

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