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Scary future when the galaxy containing the Earth collides-Information Technology

Tuesday, April 19, 2022 10:05 AM (GMT+7)

A “window into the future” has been recorded by the Hubble telescope: a scene of two equally large galaxies forming an object called “Angel’s Wing”.

It is a galaxy system named VV 689, the merger result of two galaxies IRAS F09588+2002 and LEDA 29031, belonging to the same constellation of Leo (Leo).

NASA/ESA’s Hubble Space Telescope captured a beautiful Earth view of VV 689, showing the two galaxies in the process of merging by overlapping each other, creating an image like a pair. symmetrical wings. Therefore, it is given a beautiful nickname by the scientific community, “Angel’s Wing”.

Angel Wings: a scary future when the galaxy containing the Earth collides - 1

Spectacular image of the galaxy “Angel Wings” – Photo: NASA / ESA / HUBBLE

According to Sci-News, the discovery comes from a collection of Hubble observations within the framework of the “Galaxy Zoo” project, with the participation of hundreds of thousands of volunteers who love astronomy to analyze data. Whether.

According to the team that runs Hubble and the “Galaxy Zoo” project, Angel Wings are one of the strangest galaxies the project has documented. Strange and merging galaxies like these provide a wealth of valuable data, including new insights into how galaxies merge – which has been and continues to happen in galaxies containing Earth.

Prior to this, studies showed that the Earth-containing galaxy – the Milky Way, also known as “the Milky Way” – has undergone nearly 20 mergers to reach the “monster” size it is today. Because it is so big and strong, often the Milky Way will “swallow the victim whole”.

However, about 2 billion years from now, a beautiful and scary version of Angel Wings could happen when the Milky Way goes head-to-head with the equally sized Andromeda galaxy. The impact is expected to knock the Earth out of the habitable zone.

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