“You can solve psychological problems”

Yesterday morning (April 19), a female streamer with nearly half a million followers on social media shared a long post on her personal page as well as expressing her disappointment about a “closest brother”. necessary”. Specifically, she said that this character had ordered, intercepted and solicited when she was still working at his company. According to the source, the male lead is currently holding an important role at a famous organization in the gaming industry.

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Remember the time a year ago, the day when the Lien Quan gaming community was surprised by a female streamer revealing a sensitive clip, then under the management of a company specializing in streamer training and famous for the strong teams of Free Fire as well as Lien Quan Mobile.

At that time, the manager, who is also the founder and CEO of the company, shared about his management style about the love affairs of streamers under his company. The “close brother” in this morning’s scandal, is said to have many similarities with That CEO and the most famous “quote” at the time when female streamer Lien Quan was exposed to a sensitive clip was: “But if you have already fallen in love, for streamers, it is not public and will sit down and talk with you to limit the risks. Of course, the prohibition of love will not be binding in the contract. Because the love affair will greatly affect the streamer’s work and career. Jokingly, if you lack love, you can tell me, I can help you with counseling and solve psycho-physiological problems, but it’s not love.”

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Yet yesterday, a series of streamers of the Vietnamese game village simultaneously spoke out about the story of being pressed, solicited, “forced to drink to death”, with behaviors. not transparent about salary and income issues.

However, currently information sources are still in a one-way direction. We are in contact with relevant parties to clarify the matter and will continue to update information to our readers. lo-clip-18-20220419235705513.chn

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