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‘Kia cars cost more to use than Toyota cars’

Used to use Toyota cars, now drive Kia cars, I find Toyota cars more durable, less expensive to maintain.

Read the article “Kia sales close to Toyota’s leading position in Vietnam“, I have to admit, the trend of many buyers is switching to Korean cars. I myself, after many years of using Toyota cars, am also driving a Kia Sedona. As someone with experience, I want to give an objective comment and most conscientious.

Toyota cars in general are very durable and have low maintenance costs, but Toyota’s cars have little technology but little design changes, making users of this car always labeled as “old-fashioned – well-dressed and durable. “. But in the past, now I see new Toyota models with much less technology than Korean cars.

Regarding Kia cars, it is clear that the car is equipped with many youthful design technologies, but the maintenance cost is higher than that of Toyota cars, which means that the quality is inferior to Toyota cars. Because of that, the new Kia car has only run 50,000 km, and the company has to make a large maintenance cost of 10 million VND.

In particular, in terms of customer care and Toyota’s team of maintenance consultants are professional and may be better than Kia’s maintenance consultants.

The above is my personal comment, if anyone has the same feeling can share more.

Readers Tran Van Hung

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