Successfully calling 3 stars from Europe, U23 Thailand confidently surpassed Vietnam to win SEA Games gold

In the latest press conference of the leadership of U23 Thailand, the female team leader Nualphan Lamsam revealed some information about the force of the “War Elephants” preparing for the 31st SEA Games. Accordingly, Coach Mano Polking’s team will have the service of 3 competing players. fight in Europe. “Madam Pang” says:

“U23 Thailand this time will have the appearance of 3 players playing football in Europe, when the host clubs of these players have agreed to the letter of request to release troops from the Thai Football Federation. They include : Benjamin Davis (Oxford United – England), Jonathan Khemdee (Odense Boldklub – Denmark) and Chayapipat Supunpasuch (Estoril B – Portugal).

Regarding the player Channarong Promsrikaew playing in Spain, he was initially confirmed to be able to participate with Thailand U23. However, Channarong suffered an injury during training and had to be absent. Another case is Achitpol Keereerom, currently playing for Germany’s TSV Rosenheim, still waiting for permission from the host club.”

Successfully calling 3 stars from Europe, U23 Thailand is more confident about the goal of SEA Games gold medal - Photo 1.

Jonathan Khemdee will join Thailand U23 to attend the SEA Games.

Not long ago, Chonburi Club CEO Sasit Singtothong voiced a fierce protest when the schedule of Thailand’s domestic tournaments was changed to serve the country’s U23 team to attend the SEA Games. Mr. Sasit also confirmed that he would not release any Chonburi players to Coach Mano Polking’s army.

Discussing this issue, Ms. Nualphan Lamsam said she would try to negotiate with Chonburi’s representative: “Previously, Chonburi Club said that they would not release players to attend the SEA Games. However, we will have a discussion with Mr. Sasit and Chonburi president – Mr. Wittaya Khunpluem. I confirm that Thailand U23 is still there. there’s still a chance to summon some Chonburi players.”

It can be seen that “Madam Pang” is making great efforts to summon the best players to join U23 Thailand to attend the 31st SEA Games. The goal of “War Elephants” will be to win back the SEA Games gold medal from U23. Vietnam. Now with three players from Europe and possibly a few more important Chonburi players, they are becoming more confident with this goal. 20220420161353001.htm

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