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The reason the world’s longest living people don’t eat alone

Blue Zones are regions of the world with the highest density of people aged 100 and over. These elderly people can maintain health good, less sick.

Diet, exercise, purposeful living and community are important factors in helping many people in these regions live long lives.

According to the researchers, having close relationships and frequent social interactions are important predictors of how long a person will live. This is why it is not surprising that many people in the Green Zones often eat out with family and friends.

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Illustration: Bluezones

Okinawa, Japan

The Okinawan community thrives on a sense of purpose in all areas of life, especially in food and friendship. When it comes to eating, Okinawans strive to practice the art of hara hachi bu, which means they only eat until they are 80% full at each meal.

People on the island also consider community as one of the basic pillars of healthy living. Many Okinawans maintain the tradition of bearing the name Moai. Those are the support systems you have throughout your life. Groups form from the childhood of each person. These communities provide emotional, spiritual, physical, and sometimes financial support.

Like second families, Moai groups often eat together and meet often. This helps Okinawans live longer, healthier lives.

Nicoya, Costa Rica

The Nicoya Peninsula is home to some of the world’s longest living people. Scientists estimate that the people on the island have good health due to a lot of exposure to sunlight, nature, eating a light and healthy dinner, and drinking lots of water.

In addition, experts note face-to-face interaction plays an important role. People in Nicoya spend most of their time near their families and communities.

In a house, there are often many generations living together. They emphasize the importance of family. Most of the elderly are cared for by their children and grandchildren. They often open their doors to neighbors and friends.

Sardinia, Italy

The Italian island of Sardinia is also home to many people with a high life expectancy. They live long, healthy lives thanks to habits such as eating mainly plants, walking daily, spending time on regular exercise, drinking one to two glasses of red wine every night.

Sardinians attach great importance to family, friends and neighbours. People put their family first, respect their elders, and spend time each day interacting with the community. Sharing meals with friends and family regularly could be the key to islanders’ overall happiness, longevity and health.

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