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Note when choosing to buy an air conditioner in the hot season

To avoid damage when operating at full capacity in the hot season, air conditioner users need to pay attention to the quality of components and the warranty.

A large electronics store in Binh Tan district, Ho Chi Minh City has received dozens of calls for many days asking for air conditioning repair and warranty from users. According to a store representative, although it is not the hottest time, the number of repair requests is equal to the peak of every year. “Customers mainly encounter errors that the machine is not running cold, the outdoor unit fan is not spinning… The large number of customers makes us not have enough warranty staff,” the store representative said.

The hot season is the time when the air conditioner must operate continuously and at full capacity. This easily leads to unnecessary damage, making users feel frustrated, uncomfortable and costs more when calling for repair services.

Air conditioners often fail in the hot season, causing discomfort to users.

Air conditioners often fail in the hot season, causing discomfort to users. Image: Shutterstock

Thai Kim Trinh (District 4, Ho Chi Minh City) said that the family’s air conditioner has an 18-month warranty. At the end of the warranty period, the machine often encounters some minor errors, especially in the hot season. “Almost all warranty and repair centers in the hot sun are overloaded, so my family has to wait for a long time. Without air conditioning, I have to send my children to my grandparents’ house, which is very inconvenient”, Ms. Trinh shared.

To avoid minor damage and long waits for repair, users when buying an air conditioner need to pay attention to the quality of the product’s components, especially the radiator in the product heater. This is the part that is directly affected by the sun and rain and is prone to damage in the hottest season.

Currently, air conditioner models with gold-plated radiators – today’s optimal material, are the most optimal suggestion for users. According to experts, this gold-plated radiator has the advantage of working well in outdoor temperatures up to 52 degrees Celsius; not corroded by rain water, salt water; strong antioxidant capacity; outstanding performance. Accordingly, the air conditioners with gold-plated radiators are assessed to have good durability and long life, especially suitable for areas with harsh climates, lots of sunshine and lots of rain such as coastal areas…

Gold-plated radiator on the air conditioner heater.  Photo: Karofi

Gold-plated radiator on the air conditioner heater. Image: Karofi

“The gold-plated radiator is considered a solution for countries with hot, humid climates and a lot of rain like Vietnam. The gold-plated material will help prolong the life and increase the performance of the air conditioner.” said an expert in the field of refrigeration.

Besides the quality of components, the product warranty and maintenance are also factors affecting the user experience. Many air conditioners have one to two year warranties. After this time is also the time when the product is prone to errors, many users also have difficulty calling for maintenance and repair, especially in the hot season because of overload.

Therefore, when buying an air conditioner, users also need to pay attention to the warranty period. A good warranty usually lasts about 36 months. On the market today, there are brands that promise such a warranty period. For example, Karofi when applying 1-for-1 warranty for up to 36 months and 24 months of free maintenance. According to the brand representative, this is the longest warranty on the market.

Karofi offers a three-year one-to-one warranty.  Photo: Karofi

Karofi offers a three-year one-to-one warranty. Image: Karofi

This unit also affirmed to be ready for the upcoming hot season by preparing a network of warranty centers across 63 provinces. The team of highly skilled and well-trained technicians also shows a sense of responsibility ready to accompany users of this brand.

“The 36-month one-for-one warranty is a rare mode in the current electronics market. With this mode, our users will have many benefits, saving maintenance and repair costs, and feel more secure when using the product,” a user in Thu Duc City shared.

Karofi is a brand new smart air conditioner. Products are researched and developed based on climate characteristics and needs of Vietnamese users. The machine is equipped with a system of high-class components with gold-plated heat sinks in both outdoor and indoor units to increase longevity. In addition, the air conditioners of this brand apply Zitek technology to cool quickly in less than a minute, save electricity, operate smoothly, and integrate 4 automatic intelligent technology (cleaning, fault diagnosis, etc.). , restart on power failure, adjust temperature).

Karofi air conditioners come with a 36-month one-for-one warranty and 24 months of free maintenance. Users can easily register for warranty and maintenance via SMS, Karofi 365 application and website.

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