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Recovered from COVID-19 asymptomatic, will do lung scan to see if it’s “beautiful”, found white: What do the experts say?

Doctor Tran Van Phuc

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Recently on social networks shared about cases COVID-19 Healed a month, the body recovered well, normal health. And although there are no symptoms after recovering from the disease, but wanting to know whether the lungs are “beautiful” or not, the patient went to the hospital for tests and suddenly found that his lungs were white. In his case, the patient advised everyone to get a chest X-ray early to detect any damage if any.

Lately, many people are actively taking the initiative to do lung scans after recovering from COVID-19. In fact, most cases of lung damage occur after the appearance of symptoms of cough and shortness of breath. Situations like that experienced by male patients are very rare. So the question is: Should I have a chest X-ray after recovering from COVID-19?

TS.BS Truong Huu Khanh – Deputy Chairman of the Ho Chi Minh City Infectious Disease Association said that it is impossible for a patient to have no symptoms unless he undergoes a chest X-ray and has white lungs. Sharing online is unverified information, so people should also be selective. “People don’t need to rush to do a lung scan, after the COVID-19 examination, it’s enough to go to the doctor if there are symptoms,” suggested Dr Khanh.

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Experts recommend that people do not rush to have a lung scan to avoid financial losses and psychological effects.

According to Dr. Khanh, many COVID-19 sufferers are mildly ill but feel a loss of energy after recovering, for example feeling tired, lack of concentration, losing a lot of hair… That’s true. patients after other viral illnesses such as dengue fever or influenza. The fact that people worry too much, even fear post-COVID-19 information, makes them more stressed, more tired, and have trouble sleeping.

Doctor Tran Van Phuc – Department of Diagnostic Imaging (St. Saint Paul’s Hospital) said that in recent times, many people have come to the hospital to check and ask the doctor for chest X-rays, even CT scans. I hurt. In this regard, Doctor Phuc advised: “People need not be too worried, with F0 patients who have recovered from the disease but are not coughing or breathing difficulties, there is no need for a chest X-ray”.

Doctor Phuc says that if a patient has a cough that lasts for a month or more and takes medication but doesn’t improve, or has difficulty breathing or fatigue when walking or living, he should see a doctor. . From there, the doctor will evaluate respiratory function and may order a chest X-ray if needed.

In many COVID-19 clinics, many patients experience cough symptoms but the lungs are not damaged, the cough may be due to gastric reflux, sore throat… so not all coughs are symptoms that attack the lungs. .

In case the sufferer coughs a lot, it is necessary to pay attention to: Drink lots of water, drink enough water 2 liters / day; gargle with physiological saline or clean water; Use traditional medicine ginger, garlic, rock sugar, honey to reduce cough… If cough symptoms do not decrease, you can take cough medicine according to the doctor’s prescription.

Case F0 coughs a lot, coughs, throats for a few hours, it’s okay. But if coughing makes the patient uncomfortable, wakes up in the middle of the night or has difficulty breathing, it is very important to go to the hospital for a check-up and check of cardiopulmonary function.

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