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“Someone’s husband” shows off his cooking skills for his wife, making sisters jealous

Menu meal meal both delicious and nutritious, shared by Mr. Nguyen Nam (39 years old, living in Hanoi) quickly received a lot of attention, especially the sisters. Almost everyone scoffed at this husband’s thoughtful care for his wife who had just given birth to a baby through trays meal meal delicious.

Anh Nam wrote: “Because I like 3 children, I flatter my wife “You can’t give birth to your age, but the world will let you”. After my mother returned home from the hospital, I took care of everything to take care of the mother and daughter as well as the family. I’ve always been good at cooking so it’s okay meal meal for the wife is only a small matter.

However, I also have to squeeze my brain to worry meal meal for the wife to be delicious, nutritious and safe and the wife must love to eat”.

curried rice - Photo 1.

The tray of rice at every meal that Mr. Nam cooks for his wife is also nutritious.

Cooking experience meal meal of a good husband

Nam shared more, since learning that his wife is pregnant, he has gone online to find out good foods for pregnant women and babies.

During his wife’s morning sickness, he tries to prepare small meals, add fruits to his diet to make up for vitamins and energy that are lacking due to inedibility, or make dishes such as heart frequency, birds. frequency … to improve the health of his wife.

After his wife and children came home from the hospital, Mr. Nam went back to the kitchen to cook by himself meal meal For his wife, the old rice menu he limited to foods that cause loss of milk or full stomach such as greasy food, the rest eat according to his wife’s preferences.

curried rice - Photo 2.

The tray of rice he prepared has at least 2-3 dishes, plus a dessert of fresh fruit that is rich in vitamins.

He pays attention to combine to ensure the nutritional ingredients include protein, fat, fiber… to help his wife have enough nutrients to restore her health after giving birth and enough milk for breastfeeding such as stewed pork rolls, braised meat with turmeric, bird stewed with lotus seeds…. He also constantly changed dishes so that his wife would not be bored.

Look at the menu meal meal Nam cooks for his wife, you can see him constantly changing dishes for his wife, almost every meal has 2-3 salty dishes, a vegetable soup, and a dessert of fresh fruit rich in vitamins.

Besides being a “main chef” serving his wife’s meals, Mr. Nam also shares everything around taking care of the children, from holding the baby for his wife to milk, bathing the children, changing diapers, and lulling them to sleep. ..

For him, sharing those jobs is joy and happiness.

curried rice - Photo 3.

Not only taking care of food and water, Nam also bathes the child, feeds him, and plays with the baby for his wife to rest and recover after giving birth.

“Every time I see my wife eating well, I have the motivation to go to the kitchen. Women who have carried a heavy burden, labored hard to give birth, cook and help their wives take care of children is also common sense,” said Nam.

Looking at the trays of rice cooked by Mr. Nam for his wife with all his love, the sisters all had to admire and praise.

Many women think that this young mother is extremely lucky to have a husband who cares and prepares a hearty meal, taking the position of a confinement wife, looking at this tray of rice also feels warm. The sisters immediately gave this young father the title “Husband of the Year”.

curried rice - Photo 4.

One dish a day, no day is the same.

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