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The boy was dragged by his mother in the controversy center

Having a child is a parent’s greatest happiness. But raising children is difficult. Not always filled with laughter, sometimes parents get angry, want to increase their strength, just want to put their children back in their belly because they are hyperactive, naughty, stubborn and disobedient!

Recently, the clip of a mother dragging her child in a shopping center has caused a stir among people. Accordingly, for some reason, the boy was lying in the middle of a crowded place. No matter how mother comforted the son, he refused to get up and followed him home. Finally, because she was so helpless, the woman had to take a string and attach it to the backpack on the boy’s back and drag it away. Being dragged like that by his mother, he showed no fear, panic or remorse. Looking at the expression on the boy’s face is enough to see how brave he is.

Helpless mother with her son at the mall

The clip immediately encountered two opposing waves of netizens. There are people who sympathize, but also those who condemn. Those who support women say that this is a strict way to raise children. Perhaps she was too helpless for her son to do so.

But those who objected said that dragging children like that is very dangerous. The boy may have scratched his limbs. At the same time, the child’s stubborn personality is not “treated” to the root. If you keep doing this, the baby will get used to it and next time it will continue to lie down.

Only mothers will understand. Sometimes the children are stubborn, I just want to put it back in their stomach!

– Look at his face, you know how stubborn he is.

– Look how helpless the new mother is?

– Both funny and helpless when watching this clip.

– I do not agree with that. There are many ways to teach children when they are naughty. What if my hands and feet are scratched?

Currently, the clip is still receiving a lot of attention from netizens. muon-nhet-con-tro-lai-bung-the-nao-202204201633498.chn

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