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Lan mutated to the end of “billions”, falling cheaper… water spinach

species mutant orchid price in the sky

In 2018, mutant orchids began to appear, attracting attention in the market. A ki (the sprouts that grow from the eyes sleeping on the body) mutated at that time, depending on the type, costing nearly ten million dong. When many people look for mutant orchids to buy, the price jumps, increasing day by day, making orchid players stunned.

Lan mutated to the end of the billions, falling cheaper... water spinach - Photo 1.

Mutant orchids cause “fever” for a while, making people dizzy.

Mr. V. an orchid player in Ninh Binh shared, because he has an interest in ornamental orchids, when he knew about the mutant orchid species, he also spent hundreds of millions of dong to buy a white 5-petal ki in Phu Tho, a white 5-petal ki HO. about play. About hard work after spreading good, stimulating many root sprouts, selling size, Mr. V has made a profit of tens of millions of dong.

“In 2020, mutant orchids began to cause a “fever” in the market. Each kilo of 5 white-winged orchids in Phu Tho, HO cost from 10 to 20 million VND. Seeing that it was easy to make money from this orchid, I hid it from my wife and spent it. nearly half a billion dong to buy mutant orchids, including: a ki of Bach Tuyet costing VND 200 million, a ki of Hong Minh Chau costing VND 100 million and many ki of Hong Yen Thuy costing nearly VND 100 million each,” said Mr. V.

Mr. V. at that time did not think that the mutant orchid would be so feverish that every day someone called him dozens of phone calls to ask to buy a new orchid he owned. The price of orchids is paid up continuously to “fever”.

“I bought a tree Snow White for 200 million from a friend in Hung Yen and then sent it to the garden for him to take care of. Who expected, just a few days later, people continuously asked to buy it with the price increased from 20 to 50 million. VND, but I decided not to sell. When I took the orchid home to take care of it, suddenly someone came to pay up to 350 million VND (150 million profit) which startled me,” – Mr. V. recalls.

After the profitable orchid trade, Mr. V bought more and had many mutant orchid varieties in his hand such as: Hong Yen Thuy, Bao Ky, Bach Tuyet, Hong Minh Chau, HO, Phu Tho… Take good care of them. many original sprouts, gained many kilos from mutant orchids, Mr. V sold the seeds and quickly made billions of profits in his hands.

At the peak of the original orchids, people paid tens of billions of dong to own them, but Mr. V decided not to sell them. At that time, participating in the game, Mr. V. witnessed many transactions of buying, selling and exchanging mutant precursors as high as mountains. Players do not regret spending tens of billions of dong just to own a tiny orchid with beautiful names such as: Beauty Binh Duong, beauty without a name, Bach Tuyet …

Mr. V himself also had a billion-dollar transaction, when selling orchids, he and his wife had to bring a money counter. It was around April 2021, he sold 2 orchids runner and Bach Tuyet to a person in Thanh Hoa. These two tiny orchids cost 4 billion VND, but buyers do not need to calculate. This same customer, when he bought it from Mr. V., immediately sold it to a giant in Thanh Hoa city and made a profit of billions of dong.

Billionaire disillusionment

When the mutant spread transactions peaked, many people in Ninh Binh, Hoa Binh and many provinces across the country sold their land, houses, and properties to invest in buying mutant orchids to take care of, sell, and dream. become a billionaire. Some people invest tens of billions of dong to buy mutant orchid varieties; Not to mention not regretting hundreds of millions of dong to protect and take care of orchids.

The sale, the price fall, and the sudden price spike in the sky caused people and families to “fever” . “Only less than a month after I sold 2 orchids for 4 billion VND, the market for orchids suddenly “dropped without stopping”. Every centimeter of mutant orchids is costing more than one hundred million dong, down to only one centimeter. tens of millions of dong,” said Mr. V.

At that time, Mr. V. still did not believe that the mutant spread would decrease further, so he spent more than 2 billion VND to “catch the bottom”. He bought a series of famous mutant orchids such as: Bach Tuyet, runner-up, Hong Tien Sa, Hong Yen, Hong Nhat Ha. There was a tree Mr. V bought up to 700 million VND even though the price of orchids had decreased a lot and was no longer as “fever” as before.

When he spent more than 2 billion VND to buy more orchid varieties, plus a large number of mutant orchids were available at the peak when someone paid tens of billions and still did not sell, Mr. V “dreamed” of one day the market. The mutant orchid field will be active again. Who would have thought, the more you waited, the more you waited, the more the price of orchids fell. No one buys, no one sells, no one cares about mutant orchids anymore.

Up to now, after a year of mutant orchids, the orchids “reverberated for a while” in Mr. V’s garden are still lush and green, multiplying more trees. Every time he looked at the orchid garden, he regretted it. If only at that time did not “catch the bottom” of the game, it would also profit billions.

If the mutant orchid now has a “fever”, even if it only needs a “slight fever”, his orchid garden is now sold cheaply for hundreds of billions of dong. The whole garden of mutant orchids of Mr. V’s family now only comes to watch and play.

“Mutation orchids are now cheaper than regular orchids, even cheaper than water spinach. Water spinach also has buyers. Mutant orchids now sell no one to look at. Recently a customer asked to buy my orchid to play with. Cheaper price is better than giving, I agree to sell, but many days later, no customers come. Lan mutants are out of time!” – Mr. V sighed.

A man over 50 years old in Ninh Binh confided that he was luckier than many people because he played mutant orchids early, so when he caught up, he also made a little money. Just because I spent money to buy more orchids at a great discount to “catch the bottom”, so there was no profit or profit. Many people “racing” in the game of mutant spread now have nothing. There are investors who plant and protect billions of dollars and now fall into the tragedy of selling scrap iron.

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