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Low-income people are ‘thirsty’ for housing

Dong Nai currently has more than 1.2 million workers and tens of thousands of civil servants and public employees, of which nearly 50% are workers from outside the province, so the demand for housing for workers (NOCN), communal housing association (social housing) is very high.

Good luck staying at the inn

From Nghe An province to Dong Nai to work for nearly 10 years, get married and have 1 small child, but Mr. Nguyen Duc Phat’s family is still living in rented house. His wife is from the same hometown, working together as a worker; the total income, including overtime of both husband and wife, is about 15 million VND/month. After paying the rent, child care, monthly meals, filial piety, shopping, etc., he and his wife can only save a few million dong each month, returning home once a year at the end of the year. considered over. Therefore, buying a house with him and his wife is unthinkable. “To buy a plot of land for billions of dollars today, it is very difficult for workers like us,” said Phat.

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A housing area for workers in Nhon Trach district, Dong Nai

Living crammed in a motel room in Thanh Phu commune, Vinh Cuu district, the whole family of Mr. Thach Danh (from Soc Trang) felt all the difficulties during the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Mr. Danh said: “Four months of the epidemic, being locked down, my whole family had to stay in a stuffy and secretive room. If there is a house, the living conditions will be better, but to buy a house here is too much for workers like us.”

Ms. Hoang Thi Yen, a worker at Hyosung company (Nhon Trach district), said that near where she lives, there are many housing projects with prices of over 700 million VND/apartment of about 50m2. “If the price is 300-400 million VND for a small apartment, it is suitable for the income of workers,” Yen said.

According to the Confederation of Labor of Dong Nai province, the province has just completed 3 residential housing projects with a scale of 2,893 units. Through the survey, almost 100% of foreign workers have a need for accommodation. Demand for social housing for beneficiaries of difficult housing policies such as low-income people in urban areas, cadres, civil servants and public employees; There are also many officers and soldiers of the people’s armed forces.

Chairman of the People’s Committee of Dong Nai province Cao Tien Dung acknowledged that, in recent years, social housing has developed slowly, so workers and low-income people mostly have to rent rooms from households to stay. Recently, the COVID-19 epidemic broke out, having to social distance, causing many workers and low-income workers to face many difficulties. “This is a consequence of the slow implementation of social housing projects, so there is a lack of decent accommodation for workers,” Mr. Dung said. He asked localities with developed industrial parks to plan and accelerate the progress of social housing and industrial housing projects.

Businesses and buyers are all “thirsty” for capital

Ms. Nguyen Thi Nhu Y, Chairwoman of Dong Nai Confederation of Labor, said that in the period of 2021-2025, Dong Nai will build 2,500 residential and social housing units, meeting the accommodation needs for about 10,000 people. However, this is still a low number compared to the housing needs of about 400,000 workers. “Dong Nai province will also have specific regulations, assigning responsibilities to each locality, especially localities with a large number of workers to build social housing for workers,” said Ms. Nhu Y.

The relevant departments and branches all said that there are many causes leading to the lack of industrial and social housing. Previously, there were no regulations that businesses could invest in industrial parks and there were no guidelines for implementation, while the local planning did not pay attention, leading to the current shortage of industrial and social housing. Up to now, the province has completed nearly 3,500 social housing units, of which nearly 1,600 are for workers.

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A narrow hostel in Bien Hoa City, Dong Nai

Mr. Le Manh Dung, Deputy Director in charge of Dong Nai Construction Department, said that the province currently has 13 social housing projects with a total area of ​​59.3 hectares, capable of meeting nearly 8,200 apartments. In addition, 9 other projects with an area of ​​​​25.8 hectares, arranging about 6,000 apartments are bidding to select investors. According to Mr. Dung, in the long term, when making planning, it is necessary to clearly define land for construction of social housing; When investing in an industrial park, an enterprise is responsible for investing in residential housing associated with that industrial park. For established industrial parks, review unused land to arrange social housing for workers.

According to the master plan on social housing for the period 2021-2030, Dong Nai province spends 924 hectares of land to invest in the construction of social housing, of which about 310 hectares implement housing projects for workers and 614 hectares as social housing for the beneficiaries. rest. Some investors reflect that the social housing investment procedure is complicated. However, the most difficult thing is still investment capital for construction and support capital for homebuyers. On the other hand, many investors also believe that the land allocated to build social housing is often far from residential areas, industrial parks, markets, schools, hospitals, lack of accompanying utility services, so many businesses dare not invest.

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