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Deodorant innovation from Japan, effective for 24 hours

Tuesday, April 26, 2022 20:00 PM (GMT+7)

Body odor is always an obsession of many men every summer. Then, the prospect of having fun with friends and lovers disappeared. Let’s work with Japan’s leading male body care brand DeOu to find an “antidote” to help men get rid of the worry of body odor anywhere and anytime.

Why do masculine scents turn “heavy” in hot weather?

The apocrine glands are responsible for body odor. The sweat secreted by these glands contains a lot of protein – the favorite food of bacteria. The apocrine glands are many times more active in hot weather.

Most of the apocrine glands are concentrated in areas that are normally sealed off on the skin, such as the groin and underarms. That’s why those areas give off a “stronger and heavier” smell. The thickness of the skin and the denseness of the hair and hair in most men, make up the ideal “refuge” for bacteria. The availability of comfortable “food” and “place to live” in the hot and humid weather typical of summer in Vietnam adds to the favorable breeding conditions for bacteria.

As a result, most men lose their masculine charm and confidence in the face of this difficult suffering, and even lose comfort in daily activities.

Understanding the above concerns of most men, DeOu brings Vietnamese men a fever-reducing deodorant solution from Japan.

DeOu – Solve male body odor in 2 steps

DeOu successfully solves the worries of many male consumers in Japan effectively with the DeOu Deodorant Body Wash and DeOu Deodorant Roll On deodorant products.

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On the market, most body care products for men use chemical fragrances to help “cover up” unpleasant scents in a short time. Not only that, chemicals often affect the surface of the skin and even the ability to regulate sweat and sebum glands.

Meanwhile, DeOu’s product line makes a difference with a completely different operating mechanism. It is using Ion Polymer cleaning technology to provide an effective and thorough solution to the most stubborn body odor. Talk about each product in DeOu’s deodorant “king” duo.

DeOu - deodorant innovation from Japan, effective for 24 hours - 2

The first is the deodorant shower gel formula that helps clean up stubborn body odor substances. Triporous Black Charcoal optimizes cleaning by absorbing excess oil, sebum and dirt deep into the pores. In addition, the ingredient Benzalkonium Chloride helps fight odor-causing bacteria, deodorizing body for 4-6 hours. In terms of scent, instead of conventional fragrances, DeOu uses herbs to create a strong and equally refreshing fragrance for the user. To serve different needs and preferences, DeOu offers 2 lines of shower gels with menthol and without menthol. In particular, the shower gel line contains Menthol (mint) to help increase the feeling of coolness on the skin after use. This is DeOu’s highlight compared to normal shower gels for men, thoroughly deodorizing sweat but without losing the masculine natural body odor of men.

DeOu - deodorant innovation from Japan, effective for 24 hours - 3

Combined with the power of DeOu Deodorant Body Wash is DeOu Deodorant Roll On with a unique formula that helps deodorize body for 24 hours. In particular, the ingredient Benzalkonium Chloride combined with Zinc Phenolsulfonate helps to have outstanding antibacterial and antiperspirant properties. The product has a large, flexible roller head structure that helps the product to evenly cover the underarm skin with just 1 roll. Similar to the shower gel line, the deodorant roller is also applied with a pleasant, masculine herbal scent. Therefore, when used in combination with shower gel, the scent will not be “fighting” with each other but radiate more evenly. The plus point for DeOu’s deodorant roller is 3 no: NO color, NO greasy, NO yellowing of clothes. Thanks to that, men can confidently wear bright colors, suitable for the cheerful atmosphere of summer.

DeOu - deodorant innovation from Japan, effective for 24 hours - 4

So, with only 2 steps of body care and 2 products from DeOu, Vietnamese men can freely express their confidence and unique charm not only in the heat of summer but anytime, anywhere. place.

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DeOu is a popular men’s product line in Japan thanks to advanced technologies exclusively developed by Rohto Corporation.

DeOu Deodorant Body Wash (With/Without Menthol) eliminates unpleasant odors for up to 6 hours thanks to its superior formula.

DeOu Deodorant Roll on body deodorant increases the effectiveness of deodorant up to 24 hours.

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