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How to drive an automatic car to save fuel?

Regularly check tire pressure

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When the tire is under-inflated, not ensuring the pressure will cause increased friction between the tire and the road surface. This makes the car move more difficult and consumes more fuel. Therefore, owners must regularly check tires with the naked eye or through tire pressure monitoring devices. This part needs to be inflated enough according to the manufacturer’s specifications, they are usually glued on the car door frame, on the driver’s side.

Do not use the air conditioner when it is not necessary

To save gas, we should not open the air conditioner when it is not necessary. Because this will make the car consume a lot of fuel in the long run.

However, in the summer, with high temperatures and metal tires, if the air conditioner is not turned on, the passenger compartment is no different from a boiling pot. In this case, we should leave the air conditioner at a moderate temperature, when traveling long distances, if it is a bit cold, turn off the air conditioner for a short period of time to help the car reduce energy consumption as much as possible.

Maintain a steady vehicle speed

Speed ​​has a significant impact on fuel economy as well as fuel sources for the vehicle. Drivers should not drive too fast or too slow or change speed often because it will consume a lot of fuel.

Many longtime drivers said that depending on traffic conditions and roads, drivers should keep the engine rpm below 2,500 rpm to stabilize the speed. If we are moving in a city or residential area, we should maintain a constant speed of 50 – 60 km/h depending on the allowed speed limit. The ideal speed to help the car ‘eat’ less gas on the road or highway is about 80 – 90 km / h. During the process of moving, should avoid stepping on the brake a lot or stepping on the accelerator to suddenly accelerate.

Using cruise control mode

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Cruise Control system (cruise control) is equipped on the car to assist the driver in activating the manual control button during travel. This feature can control the throttle automatically on the road, maintaining a stable speed without the driver having to step on the accelerator. Therefore, this mode will help ensure a stable speed for the car, helping it to consume less fuel when in use.

Accelerate slowly, do not brake hard

Because the traffic situation in Vietnam is often congested in some roads during rush hour, but it is very open in other time frames, causing drivers to have a bad habit of braking quickly and then suddenly pressing the accelerator. This will cause the car to consume a lot of fuel. Therefore, when driving an automatic transmission vehicle, you should pay attention to other vehicles in traffic to slowly brake and then gently step on the accelerator to accelerate. Note, when gently stepping on the accelerator, the engine rpm should not exceed 2,000 – 2,500 rpm, if you want the car to go faster, you should gently lift your foot off the accelerator and then continue to gently step on the gas to create momentum. speed.

When stopping at a red light, shift to N and then pull the handbrake

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For automatic transmission cars, when temporarily stopping somewhere, the driver should shift the gear lever to N. This action will reduce the vehicle’s fuel consumption compared to D gear and keep the brake pedal. Note that after shifting to N and stopping, we need to pull the handbrake to make sure the car doesn’t drift

Clean the air filter

The air filter is also a part that affects fuel consumption. When using a clean air filter, the car will ‘consume’ less gas than a dirty filter. Therefore, drivers should regularly clean the air filters to keep them clean and ventilated.

Find out the route before you move

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In addition to driving skills, the route is also a decisive factor to help the car save fuel. Surely the car will have to spend a lot of gas if the driver chooses unnecessary long distances.

Besides, the roads are often congested, the vehicles moving every meter will make the car consume a lot of gas. So during peak hours, check the traffic conditions through the car radio or the Google Map app.

In the Google Map application, when choosing a starting point and a destination, it will display a blue line instructing the driver to follow that line. However, when these green lines turn yellow or red, it means that the road is congested and congested, and it is necessary to choose another suitable route.

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