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MC Cat Tuong has a haggard face, her best friend reveals the mistake in her love life

WATCH VIDEO: Xue Cuong commented on his face Lucky emaciate.

In the program My thoughtsMC Cat Tuong had a conversation with his close friend Tiet Cuong in the cool space of Da Lat. Cat Tuong confided: “People look at me and see that I’m at a peak, at the time of a woman. But I’m suffering from insomnia, chronic lack of sleep”.

Xue Cuong also commented: “I see that Cat Tuong’s face is very emaciated, he has no expression. People say ‘Looking at the face captures the image’, in addition to talking about a person’s mind and body, it also shows charisma. Look closely, Cat Tuong looks very sleepy.”

Sitting with his best friend right in front of a deep lake, Cat Tuong flashed a topic to chat with Tiet Cuong around the sentence: “I thought the well was deep, I connected a long wire, who thought the well was dry, I always regret the rope”. Tiet Cuong thinks that this sentence talks about a woman’s fate and is very similar to the mood and situation of Cat Tuong, which startled and confused the female MC.

MC Cat Tuong has a haggard face, her best friend reveals the mistake in her love life - 1

Tiet Cuong commented that Cat Tuong was emaciated.

The actor said: “I feel like grandparents looking at Cat Tuong’s life and saying this sentence. First of all, they ‘blame’ the daughter, did not observe carefully, was hasty and hasty. If you want to connect the rope, you must connect the rope. look down at the well first to watch, see the depth and water level of the well, not run to find a rope right away, extend it and throw it down.

Figuratively, like a woman, just met but misunderstood, misjudged about love. Maybe even emotional in real life, like when I meet that person in business and put my trust, see them as dignified and poise as in the end that person is a fraud. But this sentence Xue Cuong thinks is completely aimed at love. In love, I misunderstood, thought that the man loved me, met but fell in love with lightning, thought it was my man, but when I entered, I realized that I was completely wrong. What I initially thought about that person was completely wrong.

Maybe I see that man as very good, gallant, manly, polite, but when I got involved, I knew it was the exact opposite. ‘Regret completing the rope’ is regretting the thoughts, feelings, time and effort we put all into that person, letting that person disappoint us. Or maybe they’re already married, they cheated on you.”

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The actor said that “I thought that the well was deep, I connected a long wire, who would have thought that the well is dry, I will always regret the rope” like talking about Cat Tuong.

Cat Tuong thinks this sentence does not blame the man, but blame the woman. Because the well is still the same, still dry, still lying there… the woman who threw the rope was not the fault of the well but her own. It’s like thinking that a man’s heart is deep, a man is worthy of him, but he’s not.

Tiet Cuong continued: “It’s not only good and bad things, but the misconception is that when I meet that man, they treat me well, full of qualities enough for me to love. But really that person’s affection is a brother. for you, a friend is for a girl, not love! He doesn’t love you, but he loves you, loves you, respects you, respects you and is good to you, not love.”

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The image was recently posted by Cat Tuong, not taken through any photo editing application. Although very sexy, she showed a lack of life in her eyes.

The actor advises: “Meet someone you have to be very calm, look at everything you have to observe. The phrase ‘love lightning’ still exists but the probability is very low, as rare as a diamond. And I met someone for a relationship. The relationship is to study carefully. First comes from the friendship first, both parties determine that we will know each other, then we will know for a long time. Don’t rush to think this is your type.”

Cat Tuong agrees: “Love must come from two sides, both nurture it to be durable, but only from one side, while the other side is shallow, this side is too deep to be wasted”. The female MC must also recognize: “You said you were right. Ever since then.”

Xuet Cuong revealed: “Cat Tuong has been misunderstood in love a lot, ladies and gentlemen. From the beginning, Tiet Cuong said that his grandparents were like looking at Cat Tuong’s identity and said this sentence. Cat Tuong has been like that before.”

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As revealed by Xuet Cuong, Cat Tuong is misunderstood in love a lot.

Cat Tuong confided: “It’s not that I’m caught up, but I’m often ‘lightned by love’. I’m a person who dares to think, dare to love, dare to do. As long as I’m right on the subject I like, I put my whole heart into it, I just give it all. When I don’t mean it, I’m disappointed and hurt alone.”

Xue Cuong added: “Hurting alone is crying at night, hugging a pillow, can’t sleep”. Cat Tuong added that despite this, she “doesn’t know how to get tired”, while others “beat the coconut shell to the coconut shell” is afraid, once mistakenly people will learn from experience. “And I’ve been misunderstood”she laughed and said.

“She knows how to say that, but she doesn’t know how to correct her mistakes, and she doesn’t know how to learn”, Tiet Cuong expressed. Cat Tuong divided: “Due to emotions, I trust people”. His best friend advised Cat Tuong not to let emotions overwhelm reason.

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The 45-year-old MC said that because she believed in people, she was misunderstood all the time.

He wittily teased female MC: “Cat Tuong doesn’t always look rustic, a successful woman, solid at work, her big children are studying abroad. Just looking at it, she’s rich! It’s not like that!” . I mean, look at Cat Tuong shimmering, but inside there are sufferings that no one knows.

As for me, it’s simple, lying down is sleeping. “It’s not that I criticize money or anything, but working in the West, working while playing, romantic, full of artist, not full of work but very peaceful soul. Everything has its price. In return, the income cannot be equal to the artist Cat Tuong. She earns a lot but doesn’t sleep at night”. he said.

Cat Tuong humorously said that Xuet Cuong had twisted his heart and touched her pain. While Tiet Cuong suddenly married a young wife, the female MC said she would wait for her “deep well”.

MC Cat Tuong emaciated, her best friend revealed the mistake in her love life - 7

Tiet Cuong teases Cat Tuong with a “terrible” income but sleepless nights, not as simple as him!

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