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Resounding Quang Liem defeated “Chess King” Carlsen, defeated the World Cup champion

(Sports news, chess news) The number 1 player in Vietnam has another memorable victory at the Olso Esports 2022 online chess tournament.

Video game 6 of the match between Quang Liem and Jan Krzysztof Duda

Vietnam’s No. 1 chess player Le Quang Liem is having sublime performances at the Olso Esports 2022 online blitz tournament. After 5 matches, Quang Liem won 3, lost 2.

Resounding Quang Liem "King of Chess"  Carlsen, beat the World Cup champion - 1

Quang Liem (right) makes the World Cup champion (left) not fully happy on his birthday

Most impressive was the victory over “Chess King” Magnus Carlsen (match 2) and at dawn on April 27, the 31-year-old player had an extremely dramatic victory against the reigning World Cup champion, Jan Krzysztof Duda (Poland).

In the match against Duda, the two players drew in 4 official matches and were forced to determine the winner by a tie-break series. Experts highly appreciate Duda, because the 24-year-old player won both previous matches when he had to enter the tie-break series, while Quang Liem did not have to go through any “penalty” matches.

But Quang Liem made Duda’s 24th birthday a sad memory. After winning 2 tie-breaks in a row, Quang Liem won with a score of 4-2 against the World Cup champion.

After the match, the 31-year-old Vietnamese player sent greetings and apologies for making his Polish opponent an incomplete birthday.

Winning the third match, Le Quang Liem got 2 more points, and Duda got 1 point. With this result, Le Quang Liem is still ranked 4th, with the same 8 points as Duda (3rd) and Jorden van Foreest (5th), who just defeated “Chess King” Magnus Carlsen 2.5-1.5.

The leader of the tournament rankings is still the Indian “Prodigy” Praggnanandhaa, the 16-year-old player has 12 points. “Chess King” Magnus Carlsen after the second loss at the tournament is still second with 9 points.

On the sixth day of the Olso Esports 2022 tournament, Le Quang Liem faced Dutch player Anish Giri (elo 2759) on the evening of April 27 until the morning of April 28.

According to the National Assembly (Ho Chi Minh City Tourism Magazine)

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