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Tensions rise in Moldova, Ukraine accuses Russia of opening a new front

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Explosions damaged antenna masts in Transdniestria. Photo: Reuters

According to Reuters news agency, authorities in Transdniestria, which borders the southwestern region of Ukraine, said explosions damaged two antenna masts for broadcasting in Russian and a military unit was attacked. labour. They did not give many details but blamed Ukraine, raised the terror threat level to red, and set up checkpoints around towns.

The Itar-tass news agency quoted Transdniestria leader Vadim Krasnoselky as saying: “The traces of the attacks all lead to Ukraine. I believe that the organizers of this attack have the purpose of drawing Transdniestria into the conflict.” .

According to Reuters, it is not possible to independently verify information about the attacks. Meanwhile, Russia said it was very concerned. Russia still maintains troops and peacekeepers in Transdniestria.

Ukraine is concerned that this area could be used by Russia as a springboard new attacks. President Volodymyr Zelensky blamed Moscow, saying Russia had shown Moldova what would happen if it continued to support Ukraine.

Earlier, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine issued a statement condemning attempts to drag the Moldova region of Transdniestria into an all-out war against Ukraine. The agency noted that the attacks came after reports that Russia was expanding its reach in the region.

Moldova, which is sensitive to any sign of a worsening security situation in Transdniestria, has held an emergency security council meeting.

Last week, a senior Russian military official announced that the second phase of the country’s special operation in Ukraine includes a plan to control the entire southern region of Ukraine and increase access to Ukraine. Transdniestria.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters that Moscow remained closely following developments in Transdniestria. Late yesterday (April 26), the Russian Foreign Ministry said that the country wants to avoid having to interfere in Transdniestria. The Moldovan president described the situation in Transdniestria as complicated and tense, but she did not plan to hold direct talks with the Russian president.

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