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The price of self-driving car rental has increased sharply, what should car renters pay attention to to avoid losing money?

Only 3 days left until period Holiday April 30-1/5 but the self-driving car rental market has been “vibrant” since this whole month. Many car rental establishments have to mobilize more cars of other units to meet the needs of tenants. Car rental apps such as: XeGo, Chungxe, Mioto, Tripx, Exbook, Aleka… are also actively participating in this market.

Self-drive car rental prices also increased by up to 50% compared to weekdays

Up to now, the price of self-driving car rental is increasing day by day (maintaining at 30-50% compared to weekdays).

Class A 4-seater cars such as VinFast Fadil, Hyundai Grand i10 or Kia Morning currently have the lowest increase (about 600-700k during the holiday), before that the price was 100-200k lower.

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The rental price of cars like Toyota Vios, Mazda 3 days is usually only from 600k-800k, but so far it has reached 1-1.3 million dong.

7-seater cars are considered the preferred choice when renting a self-driving car, because they can meet the needs of everyone. However, because of this, family-friendly car models also had the highest increase. For example: Toyota Fortuner, Kia Sedona, Hyundai Santa Fe, Honda CR-V… the rental price will increase to 1.2 million – 1.6 million VND/day, while for models like Mitsubishi Xpander, Toyota Innova, the price has increased. level 1-1.2 million.

And if you are also in need of car rental to be proactive in your journey, here are the things you can’t miss – besides how to rent a satisfactory self-driving car at an affordable price. , car renters also need to pay attention to these experiences to avoid unnecessary risks in the process of renting and returning the car.

Self drive car hire to note what?

The price of self-driving car rental has increased sharply during the holidays, what should car hirers pay attention to?  - Photo 3.

– When making a deposit and renting a car: the tenant should carefully read the contract and terms. In particular, should carefully consider the distance, the difficulty of the road such as possible steep climbs, difficult to go, or the number of people to decide to rent a suitable car.

– Normally, manual transmission (MT) and automatic transmission (AT) cars often have a difference in rental price, although not too high. The age of the car, old or new, is also a significant factor affecting the rental price.

– The tenant needs to carefully check the vehicle’s documents (vehicle registration certificate, insurance, registration card… to see if it’s still valid for use), as well as the vehicle’s condition and other technical characteristics.

– When checking, it is advisable to take pictures/record movies in parallel to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings between the two parties: renting and renting a self-driving car. If there is any problem, it should be reported before signing the car loan contract and making a record to determine the condition of the car clearly. This will avoid disputes and compensation when returning the car.

Holiday April 30-1/5: The price of self-driving car rental has increased sharply, what should car renters pay attention to to avoid losing money?  - Photo 3.

– Should choose the new car, the best quality, the process of checking oil, water, air conditioner, equipment on the car carefully.

– Find out and decide whether to choose a car rental price by day or kilometer.

In the case of a daily price, how much is the extra amount when the car is overtime? At the same time, you also need to discuss how unfortunately the car has an accident or damage in the middle of the road, how to handle it and how much it will cost to repair.

– To ensure safety, the tenant also needs to check whether the spare tire of the vehicle is still usable or not, and other supporting devices such as car jacks, boxes, tire pumps, reflective plates are full, to avoid the case of receiving the car is not available but when returning the car, they ask again. Ideally, you can test drive a distance to check the technical problems of the car, the air conditioning system, the steering system…

– To avoid being scammed, it is better to find reputable car rental units.

– In case the car has a problem along the way, even an accident and the lessor requests compensation, at this time, the customer needs to ask someone with experience and knowledge of the law to avoid inadequate compensation.

Some reputable self-driving car rental applications, people can refer to:

first. Zoomcar

2. Mioto

3. Xego Free

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