NBA | Brooklyn Nets turbulent season

Brooklyn Nets owning 3 stars in the top 10 NBA, Kevin Durrant, James Harden and Kyrie Irving in the squad. However, Kyrie Irving almost missed the whole season because he was adamant not to get vaccinated and only competed at places that gave him immunity.

James Harden was not satisfied with his reduced role and decided to express his desire to leave. The club eventually had to accept and push this player to the Philadelphia 76ers to get Ben Simmons. The Australian player had psychological problems and repeatedly refused to play, leaving the Brooklyn Nets not benefiting from Harden’s departure. Internal instability makes the players unable to coordinate well and when the stars are caught or down, the substitutes do not meet expectations.

NBA |  Brooklyn Nets' chaotic season - Photo 1.

A disappointing season for the Brooklyn Nets

Coach Steve Nash – who used to be able to lead as a player, did not have the right tactics to maximize the potential of the stars, and lacked flexibility in adjustments. As a result, the Nets struggled to get to 7th place in the East and quickly stopped in the first round of the Playoff against the Boston Celtics.

The lack of cohesion and a series of wrong decisions made the New York State club end the season in disappointment and certainly to go far next season, they will have to make big changes this summer.

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