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Phan Thi Mo was moved by Cao Xuan Tai, Phuong Thanh judged the male king’s exam

After 4 seasons of organization, the contest Vietnam Fitness Model – Vietnamese fitness model officially expanded internationally with the name Fitness Model World Vietnam in the 5th season. The contest creates opportunities for young Vietnamese around the world to participate and promote the image of dynamic, healthy and modern Vietnamese to international friends.

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Bodybuilding models performed at the event.

Notably, the jury Fitness Model World Vietnam gathers artists from many fields: singer Phuong Thanh, designer Tuyet Le, Miss Dang Thu Thao, Miss Truong Dieu Ngoc, male kings Cao Xuan Tai and Phan Thi Mo. In addition, the organizers will announce 2 special judges in the near future.

Examiner Phan Thi Mo Self-drive billions to the event. She wore a cropped skirt inspired by the image of a female warrior, showing off her sexy and strong body. Phan Thi Mo stated: “Beautiful body is not a gift, it is perseverance and non-stop practice. Nowadays, you can have plastic surgery to be beautiful quickly. But only if you work hard, Only you can maintain the beauty as well as the health and firmness of the body.”

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Cao Xuan Tai helps Phan Thi Mo tie her shoelaces.

At the event, Phan Thi Mo, Cao Xuan Tai and many guests and contestants performed in front of the crowd. The beauty suddenly lost her shoelace while striding up the stairs. Cao Xuan Tai quickly discovered and helped Phan Thi Mo tie her shoelaces. The male king’s gallant action made her “shaken”. Phan Thi Mo commented that Cao Xuan Tai is masculine and professional, so it’s easy to understand why there are so many female fans.

The appearance of Phuong Thanh and K-ICM with the hit song Cloud legs change the event atmosphere. Rarely, Phuong Thanh participated in the beauty contest. K-ICM takes on the role of Music Director of Fitness Model World Vietnam 2022.

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Three male kings from left to right: Viet Hoang – Dat Kyo – Huu Anh.

Also at the event, the organizers announced the winner Vietnam Fitness Model 2019 Dat Kyo will represent Vietnam in the competition Mister Supranational – Mister Supranational 2022 July next in Poland. The champion of the 2021 season, Huu Anh will compete King of the World In the Philippines, there is also a runner-up in the same season, Viet Ngo will compete Universal Southern King in Thailand.

Dat Kyo real name is Bui Xuan Dat was born in 1996 in Hung Yen. He is 1m84 tall, standard body. Dat Kyo considers the gym as his second home. From 2019 to now, he has always improved his English, studied catwalk, studied acting,… He is also known to the audience through many gameshows such as: Perfect confession, One hundred million a minute, Steering wheel of love, The challenge is to play…

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