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13 former ward police in Ho Chi Minh City set up a working group to ‘make money’ of drug criminals

The People’s Procuracy of Ho Chi Minh City has just completed the prosecution against 13 police officers of Phu Tho Hoa ward, Tan Phu district, including: Pham Thanh Tuan (former police chief of the ward), Le Van Quy (former deputy chief of the ward police station). ), Le Van Hoa (former deputy chief of ward police), Le Dinh Vu, Nguyen Dang Chien, Nguyen Duc Hien, Vo Quang Ke and Pham Ngoc Vy (former ward police officer) and 5 others for the crime of “abusing positions and powers while performing official duties”.

According to the prosecution, from April 2018 to April 2020, the Commanding Committee of the Phu Tho Hoa ward police station had a policy of implicitly organizing officers and soldiers to patrol and control the area, if it detects related subjects. In case of illegal possession, sale, or use of narcotics, people and exhibits shall be temporarily detained and testimonies recorded.

However, the police force on duty did not comply with the law, but created conditions for the violators to call their family members to bring money to rescue them. The case of “eating money” of some police officers in Phu Tho Hoa ward was denounced by people.

After receiving the denunciation, the police searched and recorded 30 people, including 29 people who admitted to being arrested by the police of Phu Tho Hoa district for illegally buying, selling and possessing narcotics. drugs and themselves or their families gave money to officers at the ward police headquarters to be released.

During the investigation process, the police have seized documents such as testimonies records, original personal profiles made by the accused, and the results of the examination have identified the handwriting and signatures of the accused; collected many images of subjects being held at the ward police headquarters; As a result of the indexing, the subjects identified the location of being held and the location of money delivery at the ward police office.

After that, a number of ward police officers and soldiers confessed that the command had a policy of setting up patrols and arresting people with drug-related violations; assign a group of officials to directly work with the group of violators, then report and handle them to the ward police leadership.

Accordingly, patrol teams catch people with signs of law violation at the headquarters, these former policemen will ask about the family circumstances of these deputies and then let them make phone calls to ask relatives to take care of money. .

In the role of Chief of the Ward Police, the accused Pham Thanh Tuan was the one who participated in commanding duty in many shifts where violations of the officers occurred.

Although Tuan’s subordinates claimed that Tuan was the one to direct the establishment of a working group, arrest, and then release people, Tuan’s investigation process confirmed that no official had reported to Tuan about the arrest or detention. deal with these people.

However, based on the testimonies of 10 people who are regional police officers and the testimony of 2 former defendants who are deputy chiefs of the Phu Tho Hoa ward police station, Le Van Hoa and Le Van Quy, defendant Tuan is the mastermind of the crime. case, must bear the highest responsibility in this case.

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