Mirrors placed in the right feng shui, good luck in the house

1. Mirrors should not be placed at the gate/door

In feng shui, the gate/door is the place to gather air, so wealth and luck all pass through here. However, if you place the mirror in this position, the mirror will reflect wealth and luck, banishing the family god of Wealth – this is no different from bringing disadvantages to the family. In particular, any business family needs to pay attention to make the business run smoothly.

2. Placing a mirror opposite the bed has a negative effect

The bed is the place where we will have a complete, smooth sleep after a tiring and hard working day. Therefore, the position of the hour is also very important in feng shui. It is forbidden to place a mirror opposite the bed because the person lying on the bed may panic in the night when suddenly seeing his image in the mirror.

3. Avoid hanging too many mirrors in the bathroom

The arrangement of mirrors in the bathroom can make the room more modern and fresh. But hanging too many mirrors is like accumulating a lot of negative energy, making the homeowner’s fortune not good, weakening, causing many bad things. Moreover, hanging many mirrors can startle homeowners when entering in the middle of the night and seeing their reflection everywhere.

(April 30) Mirrors are placed in the right feng shui, good luck in the house - Photo 1.

4. Should hang the mirror near the window

The window is where the qi is favorable to dantian, where there are many trees and light. When you hang a mirror near a window, it will reflect the nature of plants and trees, bringing good air into the house, helping homeowners stay healthy and prosper.

5. Place the mirror in the Southeast, North and East directions

These are the 3 main directions that are favorable for health as well as promoting the homeowner’s business. According to feng shui, placing a mirror in the Southeast direction helps the family do business smoothly, placed in the North direction, open publicity, placed in the East direction helps to ward off evil spirits and diseases. Avoid placing the mirror in the South direction because the mirror represents water, which will be incompatible with fire.

(April 30) Mirrors are properly placed in feng shui, good fortune in the house - Photo 2.

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