Playing the role of a corpse makes it difficult for A-list stars

In order to play the role of a real body, actors must practice the skills of controlling breathing, eye contact and posture. They also need courage to overcome their fear of death.

According to Sina, in movies, playing the role of a corpse is not a simple matter. Acting is hard, acting like you’re dead is even harder. As in the case of Angelababy, she was once criticized for being clumsy and unnatural when playing the role of a corpse in the movie Skyscrapers.

Tu Nhuoc Tuyen shared that although it is normal for any actor to “die” on screen when filming a movie, it is rare for artists to accept the role of a body because it is difficult to express.

To pretend to be a dead body, actors must learn to keep their facial expressions, lie still, hold their breath to prevent their chest from rising and falling, and overcome psychological obsessions about death.

Obsessed with the scene of death

On ETtoday, Tu Nhuoc Tuyen said that she experienced a vague feeling about life for many days after playing the role of a corpse on the screen for the first time. The actress shared the scene shot in cold weather. She was only allowed to wear thin underwear. Tu Nhuoc Tuyen took more than 4 hours to make up her white face and body wounds.

“BILLIONOh I remember at that time Ha Nhuan Dong’s voice – the director of the movie Who’s beside you – kept asking me to close my eyes and hold my breath. I felt the camera, the camera, the lights moving all over my body, but I was not allowed to open my eyes, had to strain and hold my breath for a long time. I had to shoot the body making scene for more than 5 hours to get the full mid-range frames,” Tu Nhuoc Tuyen said.

Star Shaolin Dragon reported fatigue and body aches after completing the scene. From Nhuoc Tuyen confessed that it was too difficult to shoot death scenes, and will never accept a body in the future.

The role that haunts the artists-1The role that haunts the artists-2Obsessive roles with artists-3The role that haunts the artists-4
Many artists said they felt tired and exhausted after playing the body. Photo: Sina, Sohu.

Actress Khau Ti Cam shared that she had a cold, her limbs were cracked and bleeding while filming a scene of clinical death because she fell into a waterfall in the morning. next step. She had to soak in the water for more than 3 hours.

“My role is a character who is on the verge of death due to being in cold water for too long. I have to act like a person who is cold to death, frozen, about to take his last breath. This is the scene. filming difficult, my most unforgettable experience since acting“, Khau Ti Cam said.

In the work Close your eyes when it’s darkActress Lam Nha Van had to go to the hospital emergency room after playing the role of a corpse. She showed signs of dizziness, vomiting due to lack of oxygen when she continuously held her breath and filmed in the basement without a vent.

She and her co-star Tran Y Luan had to hold their breath and roll their eyes for 90 seconds for each shot. This repeated for many hours made both exhausted, blurred vision.

Into movie Convincing evidence In part 4, actress Ho My Di was assigned to play the role of a person who died by suicide. Ho My Di was only allowed to wear protective gear to cover his sensitive parts and had to lie still on a metal stretcher to film the autopsy scene. The low temperature on the set made the actress’ hands and feet shiver, her mouth numb.

On On, Luong Tinh Ky shared her obsession with the real buried scene in the movie Solar eclipse. She had to film the scene lying in a cold, wet pit and being shoveled by people for 2 days.

The moment each layer of sand covered my body, I clearly felt the thin line between life and death. I think I’m being buried alive, my head is buried in the ground, so it’s hard to breathe, it’s scary.” Hong Kong actress said.

The hardest role with many A-list stars

In the media, Photo Emperor Luong Trieu Vy, Dang Sieu or Phu Dai Long also rated the role of a corpse as the most difficult of the roles they ever played. Therefore, there are very few professional actors who dare to “die” for the art of living on screen.

According to Sina, the actor impersonating a corpse suffers many hardships and risks related to his life. They are “treated to death” according to the intention of the script to create dramatic emphasis, or value for the work.

Actress Cao Doan Truong said that artists specializing in playing the role of an ill-fated person like her were called hired killers on the screen.

The role that haunts the artists-5Roles that are haunting with artists-6
Cao Doan Truong specializes in taking on the role of a corpse in the Taiwanese film industry. Photo: ETtoday.

According to Cao Doan Truong, acting as a body is not just lying on the ground as many people think. To play the role of a corpse in the movie, actors must practice posture, eye contact, especially breathing skills.

They often go swimming to practice their ability to hold their breath for a long time, learn how to slow down their breathing so that their chest can’t rise and fall during the recording process. Before the day of filming, they were not allowed to make their faces swollen. The purpose of this is so that the audience does not recognize the fake death on screen.

Sohu said that the actor who plays the corpse only appears for a few seconds on the screen, but always faces the risk of health and life in the scenes. They can be buried alive, strangled, stuffed in sacks, submerged in water, mud or exposed to the sun… According to Cao Doan Truong, most of the death scenes were filmed under extreme weather for many years. hour.

With the performer performing the autopsy, they have to be completely naked, only covered with adhesive tape to cover the sensitive area, covered with white chalk all over the body to create the impression that the victim has been dead for many days or smeared with black ink during the autopsy. case of death by fire. The mandatory requirement of this role is that the actor must be able to withstand the cold because the room temperature is always low to avoid sweating during filming.

Cao Doan Tuong shared that it took her more than 12 hours to film the role of a corpse that was not intact. According to the script, her character was murdered, and had a rotting wound on her leg. The female artist takes 2-3 hours to make up and wear a special foot mold. During this time, she is not allowed to move, even to go to the toilet.

In the scene where the autopsy was performed, Cao Doan Tuong shared that he had to lie still despite the formalin rushing up his nose because pig organs were used during filming. However, compared to the anatomical scene, Cao Doan Tuong said what scared her was the segment that was found dead in the vegetable garden. The actress had to lie on the muddy ground, her body surrounded by flies and insects.

To endure much hardship and suffering, but actor playing the role of a corpse is just a shadow on the set. They appear briefly, then quickly “die” in a work. According to artist Thai Thuc Tran, the reason she decided to try her hand at the role of a corpse was to get the feeling of “sacrifice for art”.

According to Thai Thuc Tran, corpses with names, acting 1-2 episodes like her on the screen will receive an envelope of 1,000 USD, equivalent to the supporting role 5-6. As for the mass actor who plays the scene of a mass death, he is only paid about 30 USD/day of filming. Actors who wear makeup and reveal their faces briefly receive a fee of 50 USD. When they play a role with a line, even if it’s just a last sentence, they pocket about 75 USD.

According to Zing

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