Saying ‘narcissism’ again: Many people find a sense of existence on social networks, find love in online stories and achieve glory through games


A few days ago, my friend Phuong messaged me on Zalo, she sent a photo of her pay slip and said:

“Can you imagine what my hourly salary is? I was so angry just now that I was shaking.”

I zoomed in on the picture, looked at the hard salary column: 7 million.

Phuong quit her job in the city to return to her hometown. She graduated from a famous school in the capital, her previous job paid over 20 million.

Although her job is a dream to others, to her parents in the countryside, it is nothing.

They always call to urge their daughters: “It’s very hard for your daughter to be alone in the city, or go home to find a stable job.”

Also, at home, I asked an acquaintance to help me find a stable job position.

Phuong is also shaken, anyway, she also feels bored with traffic jams, jostling on the bus, high work intensity and a lonely life in a foreign land… Just like that, Phuong gave up. everything in the city, returned to the countryside and received a salary of only 7 million.

Going back a while, Phuong said sadly, feeling that she could see the rest of her life:

Every day at the unit, come home after work, every day, like a machine.

Find someone who is honest and kind, gets married, and has a baby at a certain age.

The belly is getting bigger and bigger because of sitting a lot, the face gradually appears wrinkles…

Phuong’s experience made me realize that:

It turns out that the easy roads are all downhill. A person, if he lowers his own standards, chooses comfort and comfort, life will be very insecure and miserable.

The people who got up early in the dorm that year, how are their lives now?  - Photo 1.


On the public bus, I heard two students, who appeared to be a couple, talking to each other.

“What time did you sleep last night?”

“2 o’clock. Lying in bed surfing Tiktok, just surfing for a bit, but it takes 3 hours.”

“I didn’t go to sleep until 2 o’clock, and I ate fried chicken with my roommate.”

The male friend yawned throughout the journey, the dark circles under his eyes were obvious, the female friend also leaned on the armrest with a moody, depressed look at the phone screen.

Young contemporaries may have long been accustomed to a “low-standard” life:

Find a sense of existence on social media, find love in online novels and achieve glory through games.

Face to face with cell phone and computer screens and pale skin, wasting his life on tiktok day after day.

There’s a viral saying on the internet that instantly knows, the names of Internet celebrities are all too familiar, but they forget how long it’s been since they watched a classic movie or a paper book.

Refusing to step out into the virtual world, not having the courage to change yourself.

Everything is three-minute enthusiasm, living for the day.

Always set limits and kill your own potential.

In the virtual world, you seem to be the other person’s admiration, but in real life, you are completely fluffy.

Writer Li Shanglong once said, “Just like a person who sleeps all day, he will never know that running on a treadmill is also a kind of happiness.”

People who daily indulge in virtual pleasures and live in a vague way will never know the feeling of happiness when trying their best in study and work.

The people who got up early in the dorm that year, how are their lives now?  - Photo 2.


How great would life be when you try your best to live a high life?

Cristiano Ronaldo once posted a cute video on Instagram.

Wearing a white t-shirt and sweatpants, running and jumping, he showed fans his daily exercise routine.

Time does not seem to leave a mark on the body, physical age is the same as a 24-year-old person, the percentage of body fat does not exceed 7%.

To maintain high form for a long time, Ronaldo in life is extremely disciplined.

He maintains high intensity training 3 days/week, 4 hours each time, each training session, he always comes early and leaves late;

Go to bed before 11 o’clock every night, make sure to sleep at least 10 hours at night, say no to sleeping late and go to nightclubs;

Strictly control the portion size, low-sugar, low-fat food, eat only boiled chicken all year round, hardly drink alcohol.

Curiosity, determination and perseverance, these qualities have made him a top player.

Good habits pave the way for people to reach the top, and bad habits do the opposite.

The people who got up early in the dorm that year, how are their lives now?  - Photo 3.


There is such a question on social media: What are the early risers of the dormitory, how are their lives now?

The person who opened this question gave the example of her roommate.

“The college roommate who’s been up early, jogs, reads and ate early for four years, has always been the smartest of the four of us.

She graduated with an excellent degree and then went on to receive a scholarship to continue her studies for a master’s and then a doctorate.

During her doctoral studies, she fell in love with and married a senior who also studied for a doctorate. After graduating, both applied to teach and research at a prestigious university.

Housing has also stabilized.

Through the personal page, it can be seen that the couple is always very happy, respecting and helping each other at work.

Both sides’ families are ordinary families in the countryside. In the engagement ceremony and wedding photography, the parents on both sides showed simple and happy smiles.

She is possibly the truest and most believable example of a so-called change of destiny that I have ever known and witnessed.”

The way up is not really crowded. The crowded thing is because most people choose comfort.

If a person always lives without the will to progress, lives by the day, refuses to act, then his life will go downhill.

On the contrary, if a person is always striving for a certain goal, always wanting to go up, he will eventually be able to rewrite his own destiny.

The people who got up early in the dorm that year, how are their lives now?  - Photo 4.

I once read a short passage like this:

As you’re memorizing new words, the Alaskan cod is jumping out of the water.

When you do the math, the seagulls on the other side of the Pacific are spreading their wings over the city.

As you educate yourself in the evening, the aurora is reflecting bright bands of light in the night sky.

When you are working hard for your future:

Scenes that you feel you will never see, people you think you will never meet in your life, are moving towards you step by step.

Since I can’t imagine the beautiful things that are happening on this planet, I always try to be able to see them with my own eyes.

Getting into the habit of putting you back and forth will only keep you living a life you don’t want to, but when you try your best, you can see another world! dat-duoc-glorious-qua-cac-tro-choi-chac-chan-doi-xuong-doc-20220501110647231.chn

Nhu Nguyen

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