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Mom said that for 7 years now, she has been working as a domestic helper for the host couple

3 days ago, my mother suddenly returned home, with a lot of junk and with a boy about 9 years old. At the intense questions of my father and son, my mother sadly told the whole situation.

It turned out that the couple had an accident and died more than 2 months ago, leaving a boy and a girl. The girl is the common child of the owner, so she is adopted by the paternal side. As for the son, who is the stepmother of the landlady, no one cares about him on the maternal side. Loving the boy who has no place to rely on, my mother led go home to live.

My father immediately objected: “My wife and I are old, I’m sick all the time, the family is the only one who earns money. Now, if we have one more mouth to eat, where can we get money to live?”.

Mom said for 7 years now work as a maid for the host couple, they treat very well. Never scolded her mother, when she was sick, the owner still took medicine and took care of her until she was cured. In the house, the most delicious things are shared by the hostess for her mother to eat. Everyone in the family treats her like family.

When she was dying, the owner took my mother’s hand and asked to raise her son until Go college. I made a promise to people, now I can’t disobey. Seeing his mother holding the boy and crying, my sisters and I did not dare to stop anymore.

Under pressure from her father, her mother confessed that when she was about to die, the owner gave her an ATM card with 3 billion VND in it, later using that money to take care of her son. Hearing this, my father finally agreed to let the boy stay.

Yesterday, my mother came to my house crying and said that his father forced his mother to withdraw half of the money in the boy’s mother’s account to build a big and beautiful house. I can’t accept my dad’s withdrawal of the money. I don’t know how to protect the boy and my family either.

My family is all messed up. In your opinion, how should I advise my father?

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