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High school students have to take 4 exams to graduate

During the registration process, Ministry of Education and Training Note, to be considered for recognition of high school graduation, students studying in the upper secondary education program must take 4 tests, including 3 independent tests, namely Mathematics, Literature, Foreign Languages ​​and 1 test. Selected by students from 2 combined exams (natural science or social science).

Students studying in the continuing education program only have to take 3 exams, including 2 independent tests, namely math and literature, and 1 exam chosen by the student out of 2 combined exams (natural science or science). social science).

With the foreign language exam, students can choose one of seven languages: English, Russian, French, Chinese, German, Japanese, and Korean. Students are also allowed to register for exams in a foreign language other than the one they are studying at high school.

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