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Khanh Ly plans to do the last tour through Vietnam

Singer Khanh Ly plans to return to the country in June to do the last tour, celebrate 60 years in the profession and “sing like never before”.

Khanh Ly said that he had been planning to do the last tour three years ago, but postponed it because of the outbreak. This year, coinciding with the 60th anniversary of her career, she and singer Quang Thanh – a close brother – sat down to discuss ideas about a music show series. Like a farewell. “I want to go to each region that I’ve wanted to go to for a long time, meet, shake hands with the audience and sing like never before,” Khanh Ly said.

Poster of the tour program As a farewell of Khanh Ly.  Photo: Quang Thanh

Poster of the tour program “Like a farewell” by Khanh Ly. Image: Quang Thanh

The singer talked about the late and late afternoon, the more she felt the impermanence in life. Many times, she planned to visit her friends again, before they died, like musicians Nguyen Anh 9, Thanh Tung, Peace… Most recently, when the singer Le Thu passed away, although she still harbored many plans, she awakened the desire to do something to mark her long singing journey before it was too late. So that when she looks back, she no longer regrets having lived her life to the fullest.

Quang Thanh – in charge of program ideas – said the tour started in Da Lat on June 25. The singer chose Da Lat as the opening show because it was here that she first met Trinh Cong Son, since then, it has been known to the public. The organizers are considering the venue for the show: theater space or mountains with natural surroundings. On July 1, she returned to Ho Chi Minh City to hold a music night at the Idecaf stage (District 1) – her familiar performance venue, with the participation of about 300 guests. After that, she had many other programs in the city, aimed at young audiences, with ticket prices suitable for students.

The last tour will recreate Khanh Ly's musical journey when she first sang with Trinh Cong Son.  Photo: Character provided

The last tour will recreate Khanh Ly’s musical journey when she first sang with Trinh Cong Son. Image: Characters provided

The tour continues in Nha Trang (July 3), Hanoi (July 8-9), Da Nang (August 13). At the end of the tour, she plans to sing in Con Dao, Can Tho – the land For more than 50 years she has not had the opportunity to return. In every place they go, they not only hold music shows but also with friends in the artist group Loving arms public exchange, enjoy the local sights.

During the concerts, she will sing songs of Trinh Cong Son in the first part, followed by the on-demand singing part with songs by Pham Duy, Anh Bang, Ngo Thuy Mien, Lam Phuong… Music items vary from place to place, for example in Da Lat, she will sing more Sad city (Lam Phuong). The singer said he was not worried about his health because he had received four vaccinations and exercised every day.

Choose a name Like a farewell, Khanh Ly did not intend to say goodbye to the audience. She wants to convey the same spirit as Trinh Cong Son once entrusted, that to live happily every day so that when parting, there will be no regrets. After the tour, the singer still participates in small singing sessions, performs with the choir, but no longer puts heavy pressure on the profession.

Khanh Ly sings "Heavenly tears"

Khanh Ly sings “Tears of Heaven” to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Trinh Cong Son’s death, April 2021. Video: Khanh Ly Official

Khanh Ly’s real name is Nguyen Thi Le Mai, born on March 6, 1945. She first appeared on stage in 1959 and became a professional singer in 1962 at the age of 17. Khanh Ly met Trinh Cong Son The first time was in 1964, when she was singing in Da Lat. In 1967, the two met again in Saigon. From here, they began one of the most famous artistic collaborations in the history of Vietnamese music. After 1975, the singer followed his family to the US to settle down. From the end of September 2012 to now, she often return home to perform.

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