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Crazy, wasteful, unscientific doctoral theses

06/05/2022 15:42 GMT+7

It’s not uncommon for crappy, sloppy doctoral topics like “badminton thesis”, which makes mountains of money and effort drift into the river, not reaping any benefits for society.

Social networks and academic forums in the past few days have been like “going to the field” when the image of the cover image of the doctoral thesis “Research on solutions to develop badminton for civil servants in Son La city” was shared, with information that the thesis has been successfully accepted.

To evaluate the quality of a thesis, it is necessary to read its detailed content carefully, but the quality of the above thesis does not need to be concerned, because the topic itself has shown the benefits that it brings. long enough to be worthy of a doctoral thesis. Even as one scientist commented, this is not worth calling a research topic but just a specific solution.

A research topic for making a doctoral thesis must meet the criteria of urgency of the topic, novelty, applicability, must be a problem posed to that science or to social practice. society, must make a new and valuable theoretical or practical contribution, that is, bring valuable new knowledge or solutions. Where to find those elements in the “badminton thesis” above? But strangely enough, this topic was still approved by the appraisal board through many rounds of appraisal.

Non-scientific, wasteful, non-scientific doctoral theses - 1

Information about the “badminton thesis” on the database of the Ministry of Education and Training.

The scary thing is that such useless topics are not lacking in the doctoral thesis database. Many experts have tired of stating the title of the thesis of many PhD students such as: “Research on the perception of students of the University of Pedagogy on reproductive health”; “Research on solutions to improve the competitiveness of the T website…”; : “Measures to organize educational activities outside of class time for high school students”; “Bathe for mountain soldiers”; “Building an extra-curricular sports program for students of Hung Vuong University in Phu Tho province”…

Because they want to have a doctorate degree for personal purposes, people smear the country’s academic background with such crap topics, and then spend a lot of effort and money to do it. The cost to get a doctoral degree, from studying and researching to successful defense, is at least several hundred million dong, possibly up to billions.

It takes a lot of money to earn a doctorate degree, so many members of that and other councils have to bury their heads in reading those useless thesis pages, have to participate in rounds of appraisal, defense, etc. society does not reap any real benefits.

Expensive and wasteful is just one thing, the permissiveness of the committees, who are responsible for approving these topics, is gradually leading to dangerous consequences for the whole academic industry. The “successfully” defended theses and then abandoned, perhaps even the author did not return once, maybe only the graduate students then rummaged for “reference”, collected and put into the thesis as well. no less their laziness. Doctorates are granted degrees just to beautify their resumes, to raise their salaries, to get promoted… and when it’s their turn to become teachers, they have nothing of value to convey to their juniors.

Some individuals benefit from such appraisals, dissertations and doctorates, but the harm done to society is immeasurable.

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