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If you notice that a woman has these 3 symptoms, it means that she is waiting for you to confess-Young friend

Saturday, May 7, 2022 00:10 AM (GMT+7)

Women rarely actively say they like someone, but they often send some signals to show their affection.

If you notice that a woman has these 3 expressions, it means that she is waiting for you to confess - 1

When a woman likes someone, she will show a number of signals. (Illustration)

Women are “the most mysterious creature on the planet”, sometimes they look like that but they are not. In a romantic relationship, women love a man, but they don’t say it out loud. Instead, they prefer to use certain signals to convey their feelings.

Therefore, when men interact with women, in addition to paying attention to words, they should observe more signals from women’s actions. If you notice signals like “green light”, do not hesitate to take the next step.

A woman is ready to “upgrade” her current relationship with you, she will usually give the following 3 signals:

1. Ready to receive gifts

If a woman has a good impression of you, they will intentionally “green light” you to pursue. The clearest signal is that she always accepts gifts from you. If you often give gifts, she does not refuse but happily accepts them with gratitude.

Now you have to seize the opportunity and boldly confess to her. As long as you pursue sincerely, surely conquering her is no longer a difficult thing.

In fact, there is no girl who doesn’t understand the rule of “reciprocity”, no one gives her a gift without any purpose, nor can she accept a gift without having any feelings for the other person. .

If the girl you’re flirting with understands this rule, and is always happy to accept gifts, of course she also likes you and waits for you to attack harder.

2. Actively share private things

No girl is comfortable enough to share her private things and secrets with others except for the man she likes.

When a girl trusts you too much, without any reservations or suspicions, this is a signal that she hopes you can be their soulmate.

Whenever she is with you, she will actively share her secrets. She can even talk about previous love stories. Take this opportunity, this is when she hopes you can get to know her better and is ready to start a relationship.

3. Dare to be alone with you

If a girl dares to be alone with you, this shows that she trusts you and seriously wants to start a relationship. She doesn’t mind you asking to go out, she doesn’t mind that you make excessive requests. All of this proves that she has deep feelings for you, considers you the most important person.

Especially, when she doesn’t object to physical contact or “going to bed” with you, this shows that she has a lot of feelings for you.

If a girl treats you this way, it means she already considers you important. As a man, you need to boldly pursue and seize the opportunity to confess successfully.

In a relationship, women are very cautious, if they don’t really have feelings, they won’t turn on the signal. Only when they have serious feelings, they actively let their guard down, deliberately letting you approach easily. Her love signals are most evident when given the opportunity to be alone. If caught, you will get a sweet love.

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