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Teaching children holistic development is more important than achievement

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With more than 30 years of experience in the global education industry in New Zealand and the US, Mr. Lester Stephens – Principal of Saigon Pearl International School (ISSP) believes that it is necessary to create an environment for students to develop comprehensively instead of just chasing after students. achievements. His pedagogical philosophies parallel the orientation of ISSP, which is always committed to creating an international educational environment for children from 18 months to 11 years old.

Sharing with VnExpress, he said that the school’s priority is not only providing knowledge, but also helping children become global citizens with excellent and responsible qualities from an early age.

– How do you assess the importance of comprehensive development for preschool and primary school children?

– When talking about the whole-child development of children, I always evaluate from a scientific point of view and perspective. Back when a child was born, the brain weighed about 400 grams and reached 1.4 kg at the age of 7. Brain cells multiply at an exponential rate. That means the child’s speed of absorbing things and events from the surrounding world is very fast.

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From a scientific perspective, the journey of comprehensive development is very important for a child’s brain in the first years of life. At this stage, the child’s brain absorbs and learns “complexity” from the surrounding world and forms its own worldview. The shape of this world often depends on how we raise, care for and communicate with children.

Therefore, if we simply let children watch TV, give iPads to play and then ignore them, it means that parents are limiting their children’s social activities and unknowingly causing the child’s brain to develop in the direction of narrow contact, lack of interaction. Since then, children are also limited in terms of expressing emotions and expressing their wishes to their parents.

Through worldwide research on children’s neurological and emotional development, I believe that we should start a comprehensive education of children from the first days they are exposed to the outside world. . This process will take place throughout a child’s life, from the time a child is born, a toddler, or when a child begins to have feelings of love, anger, when he learns to sing and play an instrument… These activities have a common role in stimulating brain development. That’s why holistic development is so important for young children.

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– So what elements in life do you think the comprehensive development of children includes?

– The first factor I want to mention is the physical need, the first level of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Babies will feel safe when they are fed, kept warm, and washed.

The second factor is the safety of the child. The reason safety is important is because if children themselves feel fear or anxiety, those emotions will have a direct impact on the brain. This security is not only physical but also psychological. If this situation lasts for a long time, it will be easy to form negative emotions, even psychological obsessions.

In the early stages of life, the brain will be susceptible to the effects of images and sounds from the outside world. In that world, the closest people to children are parents and teachers. When being loved, cherished, cared for and properly taught, children not only learn right and wrong, receive new knowledge, things, and events in a positive and multi-dimensional way, but also feel safety, love from family and school. The way we raise children is also the third factor that we aim at in our efforts to comprehensively develop children at International School Saigon Pearl (ISSP).

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– From the above background, what orientation do you and the school give to create a comprehensive teaching environment?

We focus on the smallest actions such as waving warmly at the school gate, or saying goodbye to the children and saying we’ll see you again after each school day.

In addition to providing basic knowledge about life and the world around, at the School Preschool and Elementary ISSP, children are also empowered to think, choose and make decisions not only in learning but also in behaviour, behavior and speech.

School also forms children’s sense of thinking and acting according to principles and discipline regardless of age. For example, children need to go to school and leave on time; clean up toys and put them back in place after playing; put shoes and slippers on the shelf and put the book in the closet after class is over… That’s how we help children become global citizens with dignity and good manners from an early age.

In addition, we expect children to be able to push their limits by trying new things and experiencing challenges they’ve never done before.

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– In your opinion, the teaching and learning program should have more activities that students can experience and become responsible citizens.?

Another difference through the International Baccalaureate curriculum, combined with American Standards, ISSP staff and teachers always try to make use of sustainable materials, protect the environment, Educate children about current world trends from an early age.

We initiated and included practical content such as campus gardening, Green Monday (Understanding commercial farming and its impact on the planet), goals United Nations sustainable development, and the outdoor education program in Ta Lai allows students to grow rice, harvest rice and give rice to less fortunate people…. Students need to understand your role in the world and what you can do to make the world a better place for everyone.

We always believe that taking action to make a positive change in the lives of those around us is a very important part of becoming a useful member of society.

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– What are your expectations for the future when the comprehensive development of children is increasingly concerned?

– I believe that first of all, in terms of community and society, we need to have the responsibility to guide and guide children. Instead of focusing too much on how children will have to study well, become rich or have status in the future, parents should pay more attention to how our children have changed positively. learn good things, how to grow up and step by step become a civilized global citizen.

I think what makes an adult is the experiences and how they deal with these experiences from a young age.

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– What are the school’s plans for the coming years?

– One of the operating principles of Saigon Pearl International School (ISSP) and also a lesson we want to convey to our students, is “Strive to be the best so that every day becomes a better person.” better, better”.

ISSP is currently an International Baccalaureate Primary School (IB PYP) candidate, applying the IB curriculum framework in combination with American standards and the standards of the Ministry of Education and Training in teaching and learning activities. This will continue to be the direction we pursue until we complete all the goals set out since the school’s founding.

Next year, we aim to have an extra coordinator in charge of and planning community and extracurricular activities. This new goal promises to increase the diversity and quality of extracurricular activities for students of the school. At the same time, this position will contribute to improving the authenticity of volunteer projects for the community organized and implemented by the school.

Teaching children holistic development is more important than achievement

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Saigon Pearl International School (ISSP) is accredited by both CIS (Council of International Schools) and NEASC (New England Association of Schools and Colleges), two prestigious educational accreditation organizations in the world. . Recently, ISSP achieved the Common Sense School certification for its commitment to teaching digital citizenship to students, helping them build the skills they need in the digital age. From there, ensure their mental health and help them reap future opportunities.

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