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“Why call GOLDEN but not GOLD GRAM?”

Vietnamese people are very proud of having a rich and beautiful Vietnamese language. It is a language that is crystallized from the long history of our ancestors; From the history of labor, production and fighting to survive, develop in order to protect and build the country.

Vietnamese language is rich and beautiful because it is also the voice of Vietnamese national life. This is praised by many writers and poets. Poet Luu Quang Vu once praised: “Oh Vietnamese is like mud and like silk / Bamboo is ivory and soft like silk”.

The reason Vietnamese is rich is because in addition to the original words, they are also borrowed abroad. In particular, there are words that are used every day but 99% of users do not know its origin and origin, such as the word “only” in the word “golden thread”. Have you ever questioned why our forefathers have used the word “only” as a unit of measurement from time immemorial?

99% of users don't know the origin of the word

The word “only” in “golden thread” is of Khmer origin. (Illustrated image)

In life, we often hear many mentions of this word such as: “Sell me a gold thread to save the God of Fortune”, “How much does a gold thread cost now? Increase or decrease?”, “When will it be? get married, will you give me some pointers?”…

According to the Vietnamese Dictionary Tombs of Le Ngoc Tru, the word “only” in “golden thread” comes from the Khmer word “chêk”. This is a unit with a weight of 3,675 grams. Thus, “just” is a unit of measurement of volume, similar to tons, weights, kilograms, grams, … often used in measuring the volume of gold in the Vietnamese market and has its origin in Khmer.

Today, on important holidays, especially weddings, the families of both sides often give their children gold thread to have capital to do business. Depending on the circumstances of each house, they give out the amount of gold thread. The bride who receives a lot of gold threads on her wedding day will feel happy, lucky, and full.

In addition, Vietnamese has a number of other “only” words including:

– “Point” in “pointing”, “instructing” is derived from Chinese characters, meaning “finger, pointing”.

– “Only” which means “only” (only me) also has Chinese roots, meaning “every one”.

– The “thread” in “thread” comes from Sino-Vietnamese sound, meaning “to sew a shirt”.

– “Only” in “address” is written in Chinese characters, meaning “ground”.

– “Only” in “suspend” is derived from the kanji, meaning “stop”.

Vietnamese is rich and beautiful and interesting! Surely here, you have equipped yourself with useful knowledge about the Vietnamese language, right! mat-chu-o-mom-chu-a-20220505080223069.chn

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