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Why should you set a “Dumb” goal instead of a “Smart” goal?

For those of you who don’t know what SMART (“Smart”) goals are. It stands for:

Specific – Specific

USAeasurable – Measurable

Achievable – Attainable

CHEAPelevant – suitable

They are a way to play small and achieve the goals assigned to you by the business owner, as a way to keep their goals on track.

We believe SMART goals are what will get us further up the corporate ladder. They are goals that we set in relation to our work, that we measure to check performance, are achievable so we can’t fail, and specific so we can move forward. front.

However, we will argue who wants that? Why would anyone want that? How do you expect to be motivated and ready by that mark? It is not in order to become our best selves to find the motivation that lies deep within us, we have to look at past smart goals, we have to break out of this fit and instead which looks for DUMB (“Stupid”) targets.

Goals allow humans to walk on the moon, invent spaceships, invent Amazon to build electric cars, launch Facebook. None of these goals can be achieved by SMART goals. So instead, challenge yourself to set a DUMB goal.

What is a “stupid” goal? Well, they are:

Destiny Driven – Destiny Driven

What excites you? What is your dream? What helps you wake up in the morning feeling purposeful and excited. It’s where your goals should come from, not what the business thinks you should achieve, but what you want to achieve for yourself.

Uplifting – Raise morale

Make sure your goals are positive, they push you forward and inspire you every day. You don’t want to be bogged down by negative goals that will only bring you down and bring you down.

Goals like wanting to lose weight will not work, you are aiming for negative goals. Instead of saying I want to lose weight so I can be the most active person in the room, I can win the parent race on my child’s sports day. It’s uplifting, it’s positive, and that can help you get ready for a challenge.

Method Friendly – Method Friendly

Your goal should have practices that you can do every day to accomplish your goal. Whether it’s posting on social media or uploading videos or making cold calls, there must be daily practices that will allow you to rise towards your goals.

Behavior Driven – Motivation to drive behavior

Your goal should be something that you do, not something that you achieve. This is a big thing, it changes the whole focus of your goal from results to behavior. It means setting goals like “I will work my business two hours a day” rather than “I want my business to make £100,000 this year”. The first goal sets the tone for what your behavior should be like and allows you some space as to whether you’re meeting the monetary goal.

There you have it, four simple steps to setting a DUMB (“Dumb”) goal instead of a SMART (“Smart”) goal. Guaranteed if you follow these guidelines your results will change and so will your life. So get out there and start changing your life!

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