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About the new chief executive of Hong Kong

Radio CNN On May 8, it was announced that Carrie Lam’s term ends at the end of June.

A committee of 1,461 people elected the next leader for the 7.5 million residents of the special zone on May 8. According to the radio CNNMr. Ly Gia Sieu was the only one to run for the election, in contrast to previous years when there were many candidates competing against each other.

Mr. Lee joined the Hong Kong police force as a 19-year-old rookie in 1977 when the city was a British colony and was undergoing economic transformation into a modern financial center. .

In 1997, he was promoted to Superintendent of Police, the same year Britain returned Hong Kong to China. He went on to hold the second highest position in the police force in 2010.

About the new chief executive of Hong Kong - Photo 1.

Mr. Ly Gia Sieu. Photo: EPA

Just two years later, Mr. Lee joined the Hong Kong Security Bureau. For some, the appointment of a senior police officer to a key body of the SEZ government is remarkable.

A pro-China lawmaker, Ma Fung-kwok, said Mr. Li had shown “leadership skills” in handling the protests and the Covid-19 pandemic, according to the broadcaster. RTHK. Another person, Jeffrey Lam, revealed that Mr. Lee had “solved many cases” in the police force and was able to cooperate with “other elements of society”.

At a brief political rally on May 6, Mr. Lee emphasized the importance of the community and promised to “make Hong Kong a land of hope” once appointed chief executive.

In addition, Mr. Li Ka-chao expressed his desire to shape the government with increasingly close relations with mainland China.

At the announcement of the policy statement on April 29, Mr. Li stressed the need to link Hong Kong with other important economic cities of China.

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