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Prostitution brokerage line for Korean customers

Ho Chi Minh CityKim Kyung Don, a Korean karaoke bar manager, is accused of brokering for many compatriots to buy sex, earning billions of dong.

Kim Kyung Don, 42 years old, and 10 accomplices were tried by the People’s Court of Ho Chi Minh City for crimes Prostitution broker. Four other Vietnamese defendants were prosecuted for the crime Contains prostitution.

As the leader, Kim Gi Young, 48 years old, Korean nationality, has escaped the wanted, investigation agency is arresting.

The jury is expected to pronounce the sentence on the afternoon of May 10.

Defendant Don (second from left) and accomplices in court.  Photo: Thao Mi

Defendant Don (second from left) and accomplices in court. Image: Thao Mi

According to the indictment, the karaoke restaurant Masters – King Club on Cao Thang Street, District 3, is owned by Kim Gi Young. He hired Kim Kyung Don as the general manager and a Vietnamese employee under the business license.

In order to attract customers to the restaurant and increase income, Don organizes sex workers for female employees. This person hired 4 other compatriots as managers and posted advertisements about the restaurant on websites.

Guests arriving at the restaurant will be greeted by this group and taken to their rooms. Another group of staff members who have the task of asking customers who want to buy sex will “dig” to choose, costing from 2 to 4 million VND per turn.

After the cashier issues the bill for the customer to pay for the sex at the restaurant, the couples go to the hotel or apartment previously booked by the Don group for “fun”. These karaoke bar managers also “extort” more money from guests by hooking up with hotel staff to raise the price of the room.

Late at night on October 26, 2019, Don’s prostitution brokerage line was discovered when the authorities did an administrative inspection at a number of hotels and apartments in the center of Saigon and discovered many Koreans were buying sex. .

The investigative agency determined that the line of Don and his accomplices had illegally profited many billions of dong.

At court, Kim Kyung Don thinks that he is not the operator of this line. The defendant claimed that the boss hired the general manager of the restaurant with a salary of 100 million per month. In which Don has to spend 30 million dong to pay other Korean employees.

According to Don, the customers who buy sex at the restaurant are all Korean. Before coming, they all know that the restaurant provides this “service”. Defendant and other Korean managers are responsible for welcoming and instructing guests about prices, food and drinks. The sex trade was divided by another group of employees to manage, but Don’s group did not intervene.

“The boss is also the leader who will observe through the camera, monitor the general situation of the restaurant. Whatever he directs, the defendant and the staff follow,” Don said.


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