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The commune’s vice chairman and 6 officials were prosecuted for ‘covering up for forest thieves’

Mr. Dinh Van Dung (47 years old, Vice Chairman of Phi Lieng Commune People’s Committee), and 6 other officials who are forest rangers and forest protection officers were prosecuted for allegedly allowing loggers to destroy forests in Dam Rong district.

On June 9, Mr. Dung, Tran Van Thieu (33 years old, Deputy Head of Technical – Forest Protection Department) were prosecuted and detained by the Dam Rong District Police, detained for investigation of crimes of violating regulations on exploitation and protection of forests. protection of forests and forest products.

Five other people were prosecuted for the same crime, but were released on bail, including: Bui Van Tinh (32 years old), Nguyen Manh Tuan (36 years old), Nguyen Van Thang (34 years old) all officers of the Forest Management Board. Phi Lieng household; Duong Van Viet (31 years old), staff of Phi Lieng Forest Protection and Management Station, and Pham Tien Manh (45 years old), Ranger, Forest Protection Department of Dam Rong district.

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7 officials listened to the investigation agency read the decision to prosecute the accused

According to the investigation, in September 2021, the Phi Lieng Protection Forest Management Board made a plan to apply for a district policy to cut down 74 pine trees lying on the road, and they died, afraid of falling in the rain.

With the consent of the District People’s Committee, this unit signed a contract with Mr. Nguyen Van Quy (61 years old, Director of Quy Thanh Loc Phat Co., Ltd.) to saw trees and collect wood. The District Forest Protection Department and the People’s Committee of Phi Lieng Commune have appointed 7 supervisors. However, these 7 people colluded with Quy to illegally exploit forest products and cut down many trees outside the approved plan.

In addition, searching in Mr. Quy’s production and processing facility, authorities discovered more than 43 m3 of pine wood (group IV) and cypress wood (group V) but no legal documents and records. . According to the authorities, this company sawed down outside the approved plan 122 pine trees, only causing damage to forest products 96m3 of wood.

Regarding the above case, before that, Lam Dong Provincial Police prosecuted Mr. Quy for violating regulations on exploitation and protection of forests and forest products, then transferred the file to Dam Rong District Police for further investigation. by authority.

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