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Rare Apple 1 computer auctioned for nearly 6.2 billion dong

A super rare Apple computer with an authentic serial number handwritten by the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs has just been put up for auction with a starting price of $250,000.

Apple 1 (or Apple-1, Apple I) is the series computer First made by Apple. There aren’t many of these devices left on the market right now, and one of them is looking for a new owner through a public auction.

Rare Apple 1 computer auctioned for nearly 6.2 billion VND - photo 1

The Apple-1 comes with a screen and manual signed by the co-founder of the company


Auction house Goldin Auctions put the device “on the floor” and declared it to be one of the first production machines. “This machine ranks 7th in the Apple-1 registration list, the first device in the first model production run to be auctioned in many years. It is also the first Apple-1 series with a serial number ( 01-0050) was handwritten by Steve Jobs himself,” the company’s website captioned.

Daniel Kottle – one of the first employees to work at Apple when the company produced the Apple-1, verified that the device put up for auction was still working. After only a few days, someone offered a price of $ 270,000 to own the device, but this may not be the final price because there are more than 12 days left (until May 22) to end the session.

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak – two friends and two self-made Apple co-founders Apple assembly 1 (including machines being auctioned). However, this computer only has a motherboard. Users must purchase or assemble other components such as screen, power, keyboard, etc. Complete auction package includes a Sanyo VM-4509 monitor, Datanetics keyboard, user manual (reprinted). ) signed by Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne (another Apple co-founder).

The Apple-1 is an 8-bit computer first released in 1976, designed by Steve Wozniak (he also developed Apple II and other products thereafter). The model uses a MOS 6502 CPU, 4 KB standard RAM and 40×24 text graphics. According to HowToGeeksonly about 175 devices were sold to users and the device was quickly discontinued when the Apple II was released in 1977.

A few months ago, an Apple 1 was successfully sold for $ 500,000 (nearly 11.5 billion) but this device has a super rare case, made from Hawaiian Koa wood.

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