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Folding MacBook will have an ultra-thin and light design

A new report from The Elec shows that Apple is working on thinner OLED panels, for use on future folding MacBook models.

According to Digitaltrendswhich promises to help future MacBooks become the thinnest and lightest products possible, making them more attractive to consumers. consumers. Although the technology is a few years away from being realized, it does offer an interesting glimpse into the future for Apple devices.

An Apple folding MacBook concept created by designers

Screen capture

The report says that the new OLED panels will have no hardware components – which are commonly used to only allow light from certain directions to pass through the panel. As a result, the display’s visibility is improved.

However, the downside is that the polarizers can reduce the screen brightness. Although it can be overcome by increasing the capacity, it affects the life of the screen. Another limitation is that the polarizer increases the thickness of the panel. By removing the polarizer, the panels can be made thinner and use less power.

With the ultra-thin screen, Apple can also reduce weight in other components. In other words, the device can be both super-light and in line with Apple’s own aesthetic tastes.

2025 is considered the earliest year to see the appearance of a folding MacBook


Also according to the report from The Elec, Apple has the ability to replace the polarizer with “similar effect technology”, the same way Samsung has done before. It is known that after removing the polarizer, Samsung placed a color filter on the thin film of the panel, then added a black layer instead of polyimide.

News Related to the folding MacBook appearing more and more in recent months, it shows that Apple’s top secret project is coming to an end. Previously, in February, analyst Ross Young said that Apple was developing a folding device with a 20-inch screen, while in early April, a report said that folding screen Apple’s could use ultra-thin glass instead of the more common polyimide.

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