The daughter of Samsung president Lee Jae yong has a great academic record

Lee Won-ju is about to enter university. Gen Z’s achievements make everyone admire.

Recently, Korean media reported that Lee Won-ju, the daughter of Samsung Vice President Lee Jae-yong, was accepted into two of the world’s most prestigious universities at the same time.

Lee Won-ju was born in 2004, which is famous for being the princess of Samsung – the largest and richest corporation in the land of kimchi. To be rich kid Inheriting Gen Z has a beautiful beauty, the 18-year-old girl always makes people curious despite living a very secretive life.

Princess Samsung studied super hard, got straight to Harvard-1

Not only has his father in charge of the Samsung empire, but Lee Won-ju also has a rich and powerful maternal surname. Her mother is Im Se Ryung – daughter of the Chairman of Daesang Group. Won-ju has another brother, Lee Ji-ho.

Lee Won-ju is currently a senior in high school at Choate Mary Hall High School, a prestigious private high school in the United States. It is expected that she will become a university student from next August.

The Samsung heir has excellently entered the most famous Harvard school on the planet and is likely to study here. Not only that, Won-ju also entered Brown University – another top school.

According to a local official in the US, Lee Won-ju was a famous student who studied well at Choate Mary Hall and had a good personality. In her university application, she has excellent grades and has many remarkable achievements in ballet.

Princess Samsung studied super hard, got straight to Harvard-2
Not only from a prestigious and beautiful background, the Samsung princess is also excellent at studying

Regarding information about Lee Won-ju entering university, Samsung Electronics said: “The news about her family is a personal matter, so we have nothing to confirm.”

Choate Mary Hall, where the rich kid is attending is the school that the 35th President of the United States, John F. Kennedy graduated from. This place gathers all the hot boys and the students with the most outstanding achievements.

Lee Won-ju’s classmates are also all rich men, such as the daughter of the CFO of Oracle Corporation (USA), the daughter of the chairman of Baidu (China), and the granddaughter of the CEO of pharmaceutical company Pfizer. America),…

Princess Samsung studied super hard, got straight to Harvard-3
Lee Won-ju is the most famous rich kid in Korea, even though he doesn’t appear much

Harvard is also a favorite place of study for the Samsung family. Her father, Vice President Lee Jae-yong completed his doctorate in business administration at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Business.

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