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Won the SEA Games gold medal for the first time and then returned to give birth

If you lose the last match, the gold medal SEA Games 31 will get out of hand. To Thi Trang took a deep breath and entered the mat…

In the challenge of winning the first gold medal of the Vietnamese kurash team yesterday afternoon, the responsibility was placed on the young girl’s shoulders for the first time. SEA Games 31 To Thi Trang (class 48 kg women).

To Thi Trang won the SEA Games gold medal, the sweet kiss and the story of her husband “wasting” martial arts

Trang is 23 years old this year, has been practicing judo since she was 11 years old and then switched to kurash. Trang’s people are slim but flexible, have strength and speed, but Trang’s moves are not diverse. So when she entered Trang’s name on the list of SEA Games 31, the coaching staff was a bit confused because her weight class had a very strong opponent from Myanmar Su Khin Khin – the best candidate for the championship. But in the end, Trang was still present at the congress and it was fate that she met Su Khin Khin in the first round.

Won the SEA Games gold medal for the first time and then returned to give birth - photo 1

To Thi Trang (left) brought home the first gold medal for the team Vietnamese sports at the 31st SEA Games

Dau Tien Dat

Hoai Duc Gymnasium (Hanoi) was very crowded yesterday, the audience cheered enthusiastically. The atmosphere is stuffy and tense. Trang entered the match with a slightly shaky mood. But the tremor passed quickly. She knows that she is not as strong as Su Khin Khin, so she should try to hit something that will hit her. Khin Khin was probably taken by surprise so the defense was not safe. The most intense match, Trang won. Entering the next round, Trang easily won her opponent and teammate – Vo Thi Thuy Duong. In the 3rd match, Trang lost quickly to Kumlert (Thailand), lost so quickly that at the end of the day yesterday, Trang said: “Oh, I don’t understand why I lost absolutely within just 1 note. music. Also stunned. The chance to win gold is low even though I have won 2 matches. Only the last game left.” In the last match, Trang met Aclopen (Philippines) – the opponent also won 2 matches. Whoever wins will win. Now the atmosphere at the arena didn’t stress her anymore. She caught on. And win. Win gold!

Her family in Dong Anh went to the gymnasium to watch her win and lose, then win, and her aunt kept holding her and sobbing. Trang also cried. Charming faceBeautiful, radiant, happy. Trang said she gave her father this precious gold medal. He is sick. “Dad, please make me happy if you’re healthy. Today, I won gold for my father,” Trang exclaimed. Trang just got married last year, her husband is a Muay fighter. Mr. Le Huu An, in charge of kurash subject of the General Department of Sports, said that maybe after the first SEA Games gold medal of his life, Trang will say goodbye to the kurash team to give birth.

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