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Haaland, the final piece to complete Man City’s super squad

Erling Haaland is expected to be the last piece to create the perfect lineup for Man City next season.

Although giving Man City reached the top of the Premier League and won many domestic titles thanks to a quality and uniform squad, but Pep Guardiola There is still a point that is not satisfied with the person there is, which is a defect in the striker position.

Haaland is expected to be the last piece to complete Man City’s super squad


Man City has many good attacking players like Phil Foden, Bernardo Silva, Kevin de Bruyne, Riyad Mahrez, but still lacks a striker who is the destination of every ball, capable of scoring regularly 25 – 30 goals per season and do not squander the opportunities created by the powerful midfield. Coach Guardiola spent the last summer waiting for Harry Kane, but the deal fell through because Tottenham decided not to let go.

But this time, Guardiola doesn’t have to wait any longer for a good striker. Erling Haaland has arrivedbringing hope of next season’s European-dominating squad for Man City.

Haaland’s class has been proven over the past 3 years, when the Norwegian striker is expected to join Kylian Mbappe to create two horses to compete for the Golden Ball like the era. Lionel Messi – Cristiano Ronaldo. Haaland has scored 85 goals in 88 matches (rate of 0.96 goals per game), including 61 goals in 66 matches in the Bundesliga and 15 goals in 13 matches in the Bundesliga. Champions League. Haaland has 1 goal every 83.8 minutes. Particularly in the Bundesliga, Haaland scored the first 50 goals after only 50 matches. On his Dortmund debut, Haaland came on as a substitute and scored a hat-trick with just his first three shots on target.

Man City is in need of a sharp striker like Haaland


Fast, strong, speedy and decisive are Haaland’s strong points. Daily Mail once likened the Norwegian star to a “cyborg” (half-human, half-machine image in sci-fi movies) to talk about Haaland’s perfect body. ESPN assessed: “Haaland is the combination of terrifying speed, deadly accuracy and incredible physical prowess.”

Man City has many talented attacking players, but lacks the dash to dispute or the decisiveness to turn opportunities into goals. Haaland has qualities that Man City’s attack lacks. In addition, Dortmund’s striker not only knows how to score. In Germany, the Norwegian striker has perfected his ability to create when playing versatile, contributing more to the game, as evidenced by 23 assists in all competitions and promises to improve further under the hands of his coach. Guardiola’s training.

With the current force, Man City is strong enough to dominate England. The 5-1 victory over Wolverhampton in the previous round helped the “green” Man very close to the 4th Premier League title in the 6 years of Pep Guardiola’s reign. However, the ultimate goal of Man City is still the Champions League.

Painful defeat against Real Madrid In the semi-finals, in fact, was the game Man City played better, creating many chances in both legs. However, the strikers are not alert enough to turn opportunities into goals, as in the case of Bernardo Silva, Foden (first leg) or Jack Grealish (return). Just one of the many phases of the ball into a goal, Man City was present in the final.

Coach Guardiola is still missing the Champions League with Man City


Meanwhile, Karim Benzema’s Real Madrid only need “half chance” (unclear situations) to score 3 goals. Man City lost because there was no such good-natured striker. Man City’s midfield is very good at creating opportunities, the only problem is who finishes.

Haaland is the most suitable choice for that gap. 82 of Haaland’s 85 goals were scored inside the box, with both left and right footing and headers. “Haaland is very good when playing close to goal,” said ESPN. In this season, the Norwegian striker scored 28 goals after 90 shots (53 on target) – an impressive number. Haaland had the acumen, the determination and, above all, the cool head to not squander his fifty opportunities.

Every team wants to own a striker like that. With Man City, Haaland is even more necessary. When Pep Guardiola has possessed a striker who is good at scoring, the whole of Europe will have to fear.

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